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Skins... Literally.


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So, with the release of the Halloween content and from a scene in the recent Bounty Hunter trailer, I'm wishing we could have additional Appearance options in the way of Skin tones.  I'd like to see some of these other varieties as a sort of "Ashen" or sickly look... consistent with what we got in the aforementioned releases, as well as the all-too-common occurrence of "Consumption" (tuberculosis) in the era.  Or perhaps a "Hobo" look that makes the character look dirty and unshowered (more than usual) like Seth Briars from RDR1.  It would also be nice to maybe see some face paint options added to the menu, or maybe some hair decorations (like feathers or beads), though I can see how this might work as a hat substitute.  It would also be nice if masks worked like glasses rather than hats, so we can use them WITH hats.  Just a thought. 


Some photos...








This could also accompany some new Stranger dialogue, such as, "You okay, Pardner?  You don't look so good," or something similar.  Though that would not be necessary - just a nice touch in response to the unique ... err... complexion.


What do you think?

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