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The Pegassi Infernus Location Guide

JaeDan 101

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The Pegassi Infernus Location Guide

By JaeDan 101

GTA San Andreas GTA IV Pegassi Infernus Sounds Mod - GTAinside.com


Infernus image from gtainside.com


This guide will help you on how to find the rarest car in GTA IV, the Pegassi Infernus.

Note: GTA IV has a difference between GTA IV: TBOGT and GTA IV: TLAD. The GTA IV is the one where you play as Niko




Why is the Infernus Special?

Because it is one of the fastest cars in GTA IV. It presents the Lamborghini which is a cool car in real life. It got good performance, design and colors.


Is it the fastest car in the game?

Not sure, GTA IV has no speedometer. Players are still finding out on what's the fastest car in GTA IV.




There are several ways on how to get it.


CAUTION!! This is a spoiler so if you havn't finished yet the missions from Bernie, DON'T REVEAL THE HIDDEN CONTENT


Bernie's final mission is "Buoy's Ahoy". After you finished the mission, call Bernie, and then he/she(because Bernie is gay) will reward you an orange Infernus. I will be marked as "B" on the map.


It might spawn on places where rich people live, like in Northern Alderney. N. Alderney has lots of mansions owned by some rich people. It might spawn in its parking lots.

(Only in GTA IV)


Finish the mission "No. 1" and sometimes when attending a race, the Infernus might be seen racing around.

(Only in GTA IV)


It spawns rarely somewhere in Northern Algonquin. I'v found one before.

(Seen parked in GTA IV: TBOGT)


To find it easier, spawn a Bullet GT by calling 227-555-9666 in your phone. Keep driving around Southern Algonquin, Northern Alderney or in Broker. If you still can't find it, then try again next time.


Use the following vehicles to make the Infernus Spawn:


Spawn an NRG-900 by calling 625-555-0100 in your phone. Then drive around Star Junction and the Infernus might spawn already.

If you have a Ruiner car, try driving around Bohan and it might spawn already.

Spawn a Super GT by calling 227-555-0168 and drive around Middle Park east and it might spawn already.


It might spawn in Westdyke when playing the mission "Pegorino's Pride". In order to save the Infernus, kill Jimmy P. or destroy his vehicle to fail and exit the mission. Now you can save it.

(Only in GTA IV)


It might spawn in Liberty City when driving a sports car. I found one before, when I was roaming around with my Coquette, i found an Infernus parked in Algonquin. It might spawn some more places in LC.


It spawns very rare in Purgatory when driving a taxi. I'v found one before.

(Found in GTA IV: TBOGT)


It can be found driving in Middle Park West when driving a SuperGT.

(Found in GTA IV and GTA IV: TLAD)


It is possible that the Infernus can spawn in Dukes and Broker when driving a sports car.

(Not sure if its true)


These stuff is the things that is I only know. Some of it had references in gta.fandom.com and it is summarized by me

The locations where I found the Infernus is written above, those are not plagiarism.

If I had any mistake in posting this guide, location or any other, please remind me and I will gladly correct it.

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It can also be found VERY COMMONLY on the streets if you activate brucie's airport race, i got two infernuses out of that

GTA IV only.

Edited by AIcatraz
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