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Restored Bus Fare Bonus


Recommended Posts

Restored Bus Fare Bonus

by @H-G




SA has a lot of unused stuff, but the most interesting unused feature discovered yet is the good old $5 bus fare bonus that was meant to return from VC, but it was partially cut.
Apparently, SA still has the 2DFX system-based bus stop sign ped attractor from VC implemented into it's code and it works perfectly, but it's normally unused.
If we restore it into the game, it's possible to notice a number of SA-exclusive improvements in it, which means R* actually intended to fully implement in SA once.
Unlike in VC, this ped attractor now only functions during day-time. It doesn't function during night-time anymore.


Only one ped is allowed on each instance of this ped attractor and the game automatically spawns a random ped on it instead of having a random ped walk up to it.
Moreover, the peds standing at the bus stop signs can now be picked up with a Bus too, not just the normal Coach like in VC.
Unfortunately, the "GET_BUS_FARES_COLLECTED_BY_PLAYER" (0x057F) opcode from VC is non-functional in SA for some reason and as a result, the $5 bus fare bonus can't be obtained.
Restored Bus Fare Bonus restores the unused ped attractor and recreates the code for the cut $5 bus fare bonus from VC as accurately as possible.




- An optional .INI file that allows you to customize literally the entire mod to your liking.
- Ability to use a green version of the "BONUS $5" text instead of the default dark-yellow one.
- Ability to customize the amount of money given for picking up a passenger. You can even randomize it with customizable minimum and maximum ranges!
- Optional missing pole texture fix for the bus stop sign and a special compatibility option for the TTDISA mod.








Updated bus stop sign model with the unused bus stop sign ped attractor restored - @DeeZire



Edited by H-G
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  • 3 months later...
Posted (edited)

Never thought this one would need an update. Oh, well...


- Fixed the mod removing them ladies when they board CJ's Bus or Coach by adding a special exception for their particular pedtype ID.
- Added a new optional extra: Fixed Sign Texture - It fixes the bus stop sign's pole being untextured by adding the missing "chrome" texture from VC.
- Moved the "BONUS $5" text string from the CLEO script into a proper .FXT file.
- Removed the green GXT color symbol from the "BONUS $5" text string to make it fall back to the default dark-yellow color and fit the game's color styles.
  The pre-symbol-removal version of the text string was directly taken from VC without any changes made to it, hence it was green.


- Added an optional .INI file allowing you to customize the mod's settings to your liking.
- Added the "Use Green Bonus Text" option: VC's "BONUS $5" text uses the green GXT color symbol, but it's resulting color is always pink. Because that's not the case in SA, here's the option.
- Added the "Bonus Money" option: It allows you customize how much money to earn for picking up each passenger.
- Added the "Enable Randomized Bonus Money", "Minimum Randomized Bonus Money" and "Maximum Randomized Bonus Money" options, allowing you to make the mod give a random bonus between a customizable range.


- Added a compatibility option for TTDISA which increases that mod's "Passenger fares collected" stat by one each time a passenger is picked up.


OP updated.

Edited by H-G
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  • 2 months later...



- Changed the names of most settings in "SA.RestoredBusFareBonus.ini" to be shorter. You must replace your old .INI file with the new one to make the mod work right.


OP updated.

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