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CE Mod Menu


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Hi all,


I was trying to goof around in the game for nostalgia but I couldn't find any menus compatible with the latest Complete Edition patch.


Rather than downgrade I decided to create a simple menu. It's now developed into a viable beta candidate for the community.



  • Vehicle Spawning (episodic included in respective titles)
  • Vehicle Coloring
  • Door Control
  • Weather
  • Time
  • Weapons (episodic included in respective titles)
  • Teleporting
  • Wanted Control
  • Ped and vehicle density
  • Health/Armor
  • Invincible/No Reload










After installing all the dependencies, extract ZeMenu.net.dll and the ZeMenu folder to your GTAIV/scripts/ folder. That's it!



Release and Source

Beta 1.0 (includes vehicle previews) 





F7: Toggle menu

The num pad arrows ( 2, 4, 6, 8 )  are used for navigation

Num5: Activate / Enter page

Num0: Previous menu


* The menu is only programmed to work with key presses. To use the menu with a gamepad, I use NomeSkavinski's Simulate Key Press found here: https://www.gtagaming.com/simulate-key-press-for-controllers-v1-0-1-beta-f20283.html

Unfortunately, the version provided does not work with the updated script hooks. I updated it myself using the kindly provided source from the same link. I do not have permission from NomeSkavinski at this time so I will not be uploading it. Updating the source is quite easy if you use a gamepad, I highly recommend it.



Important Notes

  • I'm in no way an expert programmer. I'm sure this project can be improved. Please give credit where due if you make changes to the source.
  • The vehicle screenshots included in the vehicle spawning menu are from https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Vehicles_in_GTA_IV. GTA Fandom considers these screenshots fair use. If there are copyright concerns I will gladly remove the screenshots from the upload location.



I developed this originally for personal use. There's no guarantee I will keep this updated with future patches or implement suggestions. Please see the Github for the source if you would like to make a fork. (or pull-request ;))

Hope you all enjoy!



Edited by zDeathNote
links & formatting
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I really like it when you select a vehicle, that a preview image of that vehicle shows up. Good job!

But one suggestion about the vehicle images: I would make them a bit widher, they look a bit streched and that doesn't look that nice.


On 12/3/2020 at 12:33 PM, zDeathNote said:

I couldn't find any menus compatible with the latest Complete Edition patch.

I'm using the Simple Native Trainer for the Complete Edtion without any problems. So it should also work for you.

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