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Spotify Wrapped 2020


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Mister Pink

Wrapped wasn't the best this year but still fun, all the same. Clocked up about 60 hours listening which is about accurate. That's 60 hours of active listening on my headphones going from A to B as I usually only listen to music when travelling. So, I'd never leave Spotify playing and leave a room or fall asleep at night listening to it. When I'm home I could be watching music videos on YouTube and podcasts I listen to via another app. 



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Good lord, most of the R.E.M. plays were just from October and November alone.





As a bonus, here was mine from last year.




Edited by gig
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Did anybody get into the top listening bracket for an artist or band? Apparently I was in the top 0.5% of listeners for Guided By Voices, and I also received the pioneer "badge", if you could call it such a thing, for listening to one of their now most popular songs before it hit a certain number of streams. I saw a lot of people across the web share their stats too, with some people hitting the frankly dizzying 0.005 bracket, which must put them in a group of hundreds globally depending on the artist/band. This level of commitment is terrifying, but I do wonder how legitimate it is. My issue with something like Spotify Wrapped is my use of the service is inconsistent, so the statistic provided paints a certain picture, but it isn't entirely accurate. I have albums on my phone that are firm favourites, rarities and albums that aren't on any streaming services or at least any that I pay a subscription for. I tend to listen to these more often than not, and I have a separate for my podcasts, so even this number is a little out. Spotify Wrapped is great and comprehensive if it's all you use, but if you're flip-flopping between what you use to play music, I imagine it can be a little baffling.


I liked this fact though - I imagine this is due to a playlist I made at the beginning of the year with the intent of being able to stick it on and just leave it running, with a broad range of styles to keep you interested and guessing.



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