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17+ [PS4] Horror Horde [FA/FAA]

Horror Horde180

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Horror Horde180

"Violence may not be the answer but it sure is fun"

Horror Horde is inviting all you freaks and fiends to help me build my crew from the ground up. Right now I'm only looking to recruit players for the commissioner, lieutenant, and representative roles, the duties of each I will explain further into this post. 

Unlike most crews with a dress code Horror Horde doesn't have a specific style like biker, street, militaristic, ect. Instead what sets us apart is the fact that at least when around fellow members we always have an outfit with a scary mask and/or facepaint on.

Crew Rules:

1. Always dress in the crew style while around fellow members

2. Always help fellow members 

3. Never kill or harass other players unless they do so to you first 

4. No discrimination based on gender, race, sexuality ect.

5. Never kill a fellow member unless it's mutually agreed upon 

6. Always obey crew members with a higher role than yours, unless the order contradicts another crew rule

Each crew role will have their own set of responsibilities meant to help the crew in their own way.

Crew roles and their duties:

Commissioner: Will help track the progress of people in the process of earning membership, keep track of and give directions to their corresponding lieutenants, generally act as my personal assistants and lead members during free roam activities, missions, ect. 

Lieutenant: Will be in charge of orders directly related to combat when engaging in combat, will train members that want to be better at the game, and will lead small groups of crew members when we split into multiple CEO/MCs 

Representative: Will help promote the crew, keep track of our list of rivals/allies, and act as diplomats and negotiators when discussing alliances

You can contact me on here or on Ps4 by messaging Psychobilly_Scum





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Horror Horde180

Are you a creepy weirdo with a strong propensity for violence? Me too! and you know what they say, there's safety in numbers, and in our business numbers are very important. Just ask the former most disturbing person in LS the Los Santos Slasher https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/photo/gtav/ROHiwooUJUekhV-uOJZpaA

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Horror Horde180

Are you a crewless 17+ free aim/free aim assist player? Don't blast through the streets of LS alone, come help me build the Horde! 

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Horror Horde180

I'm still looking for my crew's first commissioners to help me run it (and members in general) so if you like causing havoc while looking the part join Horror Horde today!

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