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RDR Undead Nightmare is the best horror game that i played

JaeDan 101

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JaeDan 101

i hate horror games. Because they are so boring. They include scary faces, entities, scary SCP's, and scary mythical creatures. But RDR Undead Nightmare is the best. RDR Undead Nightmare is not just horror, its also comedy. There is one mission that a boy zombie liked a hot zombie girl, which is so funny. I havn't seen a scary creature before that fell in-love in a girl creature because she is hot.


I love how Mexico looks like. The plants rot, the sunny weather turns into foggy and rainy, the surfaces is full of zombie bacteria and blood, and the skies isn't normal. Mexico is really dead, and i love it.


How about you, you love RDR Undead Nightmare?



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I agree, it's awesome. I also really like the blend of horror and comedy, it was just the right way to approach making a zombie cowboy game!ย I love how you have the original game where the world is serious/realistic and very scenic looking and you get to know all these characters, and then they totally flipped it on its head and you experience the same world and characters with a totally different tone and atmosphere, as well as gameplay. Genius how they made two really different games out of the same basic things and they're both totally awesome.ย 

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Horror "doesn't work on me", okay an occasional jump scare might but in general when i try play horror games or watch horror movies my brain just constantly goes 'lol dude, all this sh*t is so fake what are we even doing here', for that reason i have to agree that the only half decent horror games are those that go for the comedic value. And while Undead Nightmare was pretty great, the true king of comedy 'horror' (that in fairness is quite a stretch of 'horror', but you do constantly turn people into zombies lol) still is stubbs:


If we ever get a zombie DLC for RDR2, please let it be a mix of Undead Nightmare & Stubbs


Also while i doubt its true, i always felt like Michaels "why did i move here" in gta5 was a low key reference, because npc's would say that all the time ๐Ÿ˜›ย 




Edited by suicidal_banana
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Algonquin Assassin

I love it. While I still wish RDR1 also had a more grounded DLC to complementย the relatively realistic game worldย I still enjoyed the surrealness of Undead Nightmare.


For a genre thatโ€™s been done to death (no pun intended) Undead Nightmare managed to freshen it up with a perfect settingย for a zombie apocalypse.


I do wonder though why R* havenโ€™t really tapped into horror. Sure there are the Manhunt games with are more psychological than straight horror and this, but with R*โ€™s talent Iโ€™d love a full fledgedย horror game from them along the lines of classic Resident Evil, Silent Hill and so on.

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  • 1 month later...
JaeDan 101

also, the trailer is so funny. The voice over in the trailer is like a Haloween Party host in an elementary school



Edited by JaeDan 101
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