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Patch 1.24 Released 1st December 2020 - Report Your Bugs


Recommended Posts

PATCH NOTES: https://support.rockstargames.com/articles/360060216733/RDR2-Title-Update-1-24-Notes-PS4-Xbox-One-PC-Stadia


List any issues/bugs/glitches and other findings you come across here.


*GTAForums isn't official Rockstar Support, if you need them to help you with a specific problem, you need to contact them on their website. This topic is just a reference for our community to identify and discuss common problems.

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Anyone else not getting xp for hunting/skinning? I remember getting the popups for the minor xp gains for each kill but after the update I have stopped getting them. I also noticed the my xp bar was not rising, since I was only 4 xp from unlocking a new level, but even after killing and skinning 3-4 birds, 1 antelope and 1 deer I noticed no gain at all.


Edit:Stadia player checking in

Edited by Solidude
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After the latest patch, Bounty hunts does not award me any RDO$ at all.. Not a single one. Happens with legendary bounties as well as with normal ones.


Also, the Gold bar streak from daily challenges does not apply, even though it is shown that it does. 

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After initial Beau  guy Legenary bounty, not getting xp from several bounties of different difficulties.


Stuck at 1367/2000, of level 22 bounty hunter, only getting a little gold upon completing bounty.

Oh yeah, no $ either (like previous said, only seeing something like 0.16 gold/whatever amount.)

Did not even notice at first, was just thinking "Boy, taking me a long time to get through level 22 Bounty Hunter..."


This is on Xbox One, but seems to be bugged for all platforms equally.


People mentioned trader delivery not giving money either, or gold from completing the challenge for delivery.


So best to wait for them to fix, since everything broken.

Edited by Krommer
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I came here to report the bugs I have seen as well.


- No RDO$ payouts for Bounties, Moonshine runs, etc

- Not gaining any XP or Role XP for most activities.

- The Overall sound in-game is

- The two new Mystery Benefit coupons are missing...



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This update seems like a scam.  I bought gold with my own money to get the outlaw pass no 4 and the new ten ranks for the bounty hunter.  Yet I can't get any experience from bounty hunter missions.  So I try to do a full 100 goods wagon to level up the outlaw pass and I didn't get ANY MONEY OR EXPERIENCE!!  This is unacceptable.  I grind all day and made no money and no experience.  Plus I can only hand in one collector set and a few legendary samples.  I feel like I've been scammed and I want my money and experience that I just spent all day earning.

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It would be faster to list what isn't bugged with this update to be honest. Stuck on pass rank 2 since it won't award xp or dollar anymore for anything and without that it's quite pointless to do anything. f*ck you rockstar, you broke a whole game for a sh*tty update, even worse than you did last time. I've spent 55 gold bars to literally not play. And course released update so late in the day it was impossible to do a quick fix like when naturalist wouldn't rank up.

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My 215 day daily streak ended as expected but I've been paid 2.5 gold for the dailys I did after the update. Three other friends who had streaks over 28 days are now being paid 0.1 gold per daily. Has this bug worked in my favour or have the others been screwed?

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I was only getting 0.1, starting with today's (DEC. 2ND) list.

In fact, only .3 gold for doing the whole 7/7  or 9/9.


I had already finished the Dec 1st ones, when I was still getting .5 gold for them  ;)

since I was playing before the Dec 1st patch.


So yeah, if you are getting 2.5 gold NOW then you are lucky.

Wait, do you mean for ALL of them? If you are getting 2.5 gold PER DAILY

then something is wrong  ;)

(Oh, he did not have a 28 day streak/or greater already. That is why.)



Edited by Krommer
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I have issue getting XP again on the Outlaw Pass. First day it was released, I ranked up to 12 when I couldn't gain XP anymore. Problem appeared to be fixed yesterday and today until I reached level 48, where my XP bar shows my current points to be at 2186/1440 and got stuck there. Reporting this here in case others face the same levelling up issue again (and for a solution to it).


**Ok so I did a logout and login again and XP bar seems to be fixed for now. I guess it must have been a glitch.

Edited by Ice Queen
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  • 2 weeks later...

Trader resupply bug, where he sends you to a trader to hunt a


"Whitetail deer"


I've had same bug happen to me twice, around Hennington's Stead/Thieves Landing ( I think after the Bounty Hunter Patch.)

kill deer, to trade to the trader for supplies wagon,  guy won't take it

and I'm by thieves landing; I look, guy wants the whitetail deer some other player

killed (not in my posse, or anything) way they heck up by HEARTLAND OVERFLOW!

That is the white paw print showing on the map... When I had it happen before,

it was even a whitetail deer on some other players  HORSE far away (the white paw print was MOVING,

no idea if the player getting rid of it would make it so I could turn one in at the guy, because the player

never did before mission ended.)


No flinging/killing of other whitetail deer helps, he wants THAT white tail deer.

In the most recent one, I went back to camp and waited (until the timer ran out, so I could repeat a resupply),

watching heartland overflow on the map.

The white paw print never even moved, so it was just an abandoned whitetail deer.

Since the dead deer is so far away, I can't check to see if me picking up the abandoned

deer would allow me to turn it into that trader guy for the supplies wagon.


FYI: I had not been anywhere near Heartland overflow during the whole session.


So next time I get that as a resupply, before I bother to try to FIND a whitetail deer, I'll

scan the map to see if a white paw print is WAY off somewhere before I waste my time.


Often I'm sent to give that trader a TURTLE, instead. I've never had it happen on the turtle, but

then again how often would another player have killed a turtle at the same time?

Edited by Krommer
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  • 1 month later...

Recently opened lockboxes (for the Collector role) not always give you the collectible and already appear dug out. The lockbox appears closed but the prompt says Close.

Repro: Have someone else pick up something from a collectible lockbox near you, go there yourself. The lockbox should be on the surface, closed, yet the prompt tells you to close it again. Sometimes, this ends up not even giving you the item.


Photo poses on top of certain objects make the player character sink into them.

Repro: Stand on top of a prop such as a bench or something else (e.g. the wooden bench right by Joe's cabin), take a self-portrait using the camera and select a pose. After a few seconds the player will sink into the model.

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An issue with Fast Travel with a Horse


Using the Fast Travel post may sometimes not bring your horse with the player to a designated location and will instead leave the horse at the last location. (even when on the horse using the fast travel post menu)

Edited by VideoTech_
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  • 2 weeks later...

Bounty hunts with multiple moving bounty targets will more often than not have at least one bounty target stop and fail to keep moving with the rest, making the bounty impossible to complete solo without at least one target escaping, as the target/s furthest will auto instant escape based on distance. 


Bounty board missions quite often will not start, but will still prevent fast travel and other missions as the game is assuming the mission is starting. 

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