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RDR2 PC Patch - 1355.18 (1.24) | 01/12/2020


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Montana Actual
On 12/30/2020 at 11:42 AM, RedNitrate said:

A real shame as well, it looks breath taking on a high end PC.. until it crashes any way. 

I had an issue with crashing early on as well. I honestly don't even know what I did to address the issue, but I tried many things. I switched to dx12, I ran it in compatibility mode, I did a bunch of other stuff. For me, turned out my XMP was undervolting my RAM... not sure why, but it solved a bunch of other problems too. Since I resolved that, I disabled all the compatibility modes, put it back on vulkan and all has been well. Not saying the issue is with everyone's components, but it's a good place to look for most people. Especially considering the massive amount of tweaking and "auto" settings on PC's. What may run 12 games just fine crashes another every time. Although, I do suspect it's mostly driver related, as do most. The problem is that it could be something in a BIOS that needs updated, GPU Driver related, Windows Update related... etc etc... So here is hoping you figure it out and are able to play. I personally think it's worth trying because how will you know until you try? Of course the internet will be full of complaints, it's the internet. And the small issues look like big ones because they get shared by people having them. That does not mean the majority of people are having them, just that a lot of people shared it.

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