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Missing Vehicle


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 So the day before yesterday I bought a Hakuchou drag cuz it was on sale; then I did the casino heist with my friend, and when we were done, I rode it and customized it. Yesterday, I felt like riding it again, but to my surprise, it was nowhere to be found. I searched everywhere: my moc, I called my mechanic, mmi, and I still can't find it. I even registered as an mc president and went through all my bikes, and it's not there.

 Then, I wrote a ticket to rockstar support, and they replied saying that they couldn't find any purchase logs of the vehicle on my account. I've got no evidence at all but my memory of it. 


Any comments would be much appreciated

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Keep your foot down, tell them you are 100% certain you bought it and if they cant see that to please escalate the ticket internally (to Tier2 / Tier3 / whatever) because i can tell you from way to much experience with this sort of nonsense that if they try hard enough (read: the right person with the right access to the R* serverfarm gets your ticket) they totally can verify your claim. 


Hard as it might be, key here is to stay friendly, know that you're talking to an actual person who essentially gets told 30 times a day that they suck, while they bscly get paid to close tickets (dont say that lol)


That said, one small note, dont take this the wrong way because im totally not saying this is the case, but if you bought the bike with cheated funds then be quiet and accept your loss, if they do deeper investigation they might see that and you will lose more then just a bike.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi I just logged on to online to find my F1 custom is missing. All my other cars are present. Emailed rockstar support - is there anything else I can do to restore my lost cars in the game ?


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I've just had a thorough discussion with them and because I can't confirm the exact date the car was bought, they are unable to verify the purchase!? What now? ?

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