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Latin Music


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I've been kinda jiving to Latin rock lately, thought I'd make this topic to share some of my favourite tracks right now.





Not entirely sure if this breaks the rule of English only, if so a moderator is free to take it down. 


But if not, go ahead and share some Latin songs that you enjoy, if that's your thing.

Edited by gig
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I wouldn't act on the English only rule for music, because as hammy as it's going to sound, the language of music is universal and I encourage everybody to listen to music that isn't necessarily in their language.


I'm not too well up on Latin influenced music, with my first exposure being that of the radio station of Espantoso FM in VC. I imagine that's the case for many other people, even if you don't care for the genre. I also don't want to tread on any toes so if there's anything inaccurate with that, I'll retract my statement. However, there's something oddly fitting driving a taxi whilst this music plays, even if it is a bit of a stereotype. I didn't care for it at first but it's really grown on me. I don't have many Latin albums in my collection, but one I do have Clasico De La Pravincia by Carlos Vives. It's a bit of a staple and doesn't exactly tread new ground but it's an easy enough listen and is really well produced if you can forgiving some clipping on the flute.



It's a nice atmosphere. It makes me want to play cards in the sun, slowly nursing a cold jug of Sangria.

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Since I was student of the linguistic program in high school and had level A Spanish and did good at it, it would be natural for me to explore music and entertainment of Spain and Latin America. Gotta admit the Narcos-series on Netflix and East Los FM in GTA V introduced me to a lot of Latin music of the 70s - 90s, but I have later discovered how great Latin indie music actually is.


I'd like to share some of those I've known since early 2016. I was in my late teens and had that my own issues, which the lyrics and ambient/synth instrumentals of these songs provided some relief.



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  • 2 weeks later...

I've grown up with a lot of Latin music, but I don't hear it anymore.


Selena is one of my favorites singers since I was a kid.



Celia Cruz. Another singer I used to hear a lot, one of the best singers of Salsa.



Soda Stereo from Argentina influenced by The Cure. Rock.



Maná from México. Rock/Pop



Ricardo Montaner. This singer had a great voice. Pop/Ballads



La Oreja de Van Gogh from Spain. Pop/Rock



Grupo Límite from México. Tejano/Norteño



Kumbia Kings. The leader of this band is Selena's brother.





Los Fabulosos Cadillacs from Argentina. They mix different genres but are better known as a Ska band.



Miranda! from Argentina. Electropop



Some Mambo by Tito Puente.





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  • 3 weeks later...

El Gran Silencio. They blend different genres.




José José. Mostly romantic ballads.




Armando Manzanero. Another icon of romantic ballads.



Juan Gabriel. He did romantic ballads, latin pop, and ranchera.







Chayanne. Latin Pop.




Ganja. Reggae.




Juanes. Latin Rock/Pop, Cumbia, and Reggae.




Edited by -7-
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Some Heavy Metal


Luzbel. Heavy Metal from Mexico. This EP is a masterpiece and probably my favorite record of the whole Latin Heavy Metal scene. Huizar had an incredible vocal range and musically in the vein of Traditional Heavy Metal from UK.


Pasaporte al Infierno. His debut album is also one of the greatest metal albums from Mexico.




Argentina had a lot of great metal bands, and these are some of the favorites.


V8 is one of the earliest heavy metal bands around Latin America.




Hermética with a sound a la Motörhead and thrashy.




Rata Blanca. One of the most famous metal bands from Argentina and their guitarist is like the Latino version of Ritchie Blackmore.




Pappo's Blues. Rock from the 70s. Pappo was the stage name of the guitarist, one of the greatest in Argentina, and he could play from Blues to Heavy Metal.







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