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U.S Navy Milsim | Seeking our first sailors, pilots, and submarine commanders


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Submarine Squadron 7

GTA Online Naval Milsim Crew


Looking for our first members


This is a newly established GTA Online crew/community platform, which is being created in advance of the newest upcoming GTA Online DLC, The Cayo Perico Heist which is coming to the players of GTA Online on December 15th, 2o20. I have always wanted to have a naval milsim/roleplay crew, but GTA Online hasn’t had much to offer in the past in terms of a naval gameplay experience. However, with the addition of the new weaponized submarine HQ as well as the new island & other naval vehicles and features, I think that there is an experience to be had once these things become available. My objective here is to organize a pool of players who would be interested in sharing this GTA Online experience with me by taking part in my crew of submariners & naval pilots. 


The experience offered will be roleplay/milsim based, with a direct influence from the U.S Navy & U.S Marine Corps (with creative liberties being taken where needed) and will include training scenarios, scripted/semi-scripted controlled combat scenarios, and some elements of player vs. player combat in public lobbies where members of the crew will be roleplaying as submariners and pilots and working together under their commands to complete the objectives given. We will expect our sailors to learn the basics of the U.S Navy, and understand the fundamentals of their roles so that the roleplay experience players have and the impression we leave on players who interact with us will be great.


This is not a typical “military crew” that operates as a platoon of loosely banded together tryhards wearing uniforms.


 If this sounds like something you would like to experience, please continue to the bottom of this Doc & click the link to head over to our application form so we can learn a little bit about you and have a conversation about what your place in this crew will look like. Until the DLC is released, there is no way to tell how the submarine will work - what it can & can’t do, what features it has, etc. and there is no way to tell what else may be coming in this DLC that would be of interest to this crew, for now we can only speculate and prepare a crew of players with the information we do have. We know a submarine is coming to GTA Online, we know there are fighter jets & attack helicopters as well as military uniforms in-game already, so with that I have decided to launch the Submarine Squadron 7 crew with my close friend and we will go from there once the DLC is available.


We are looking for enlisted sailors, pilots to fly the Lazer & Hunter, and also veteran players to become commissioned officers to lead & command sailors and command their own submarines. Click here to continue to our form.


**NOTE:** Players who join now before the DLC is available (before the crew is launched) will have higher chances of fast promotion tracks, as well as first dibs on the limited pilot & officer positions. If you’re interested, don’t wait until later to apply.

In case the link to the form is broken: https://forms.gle/69AXcgett5EjBEW38

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