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Early PP and UH 2.0 conversion of police and other mission vehicles


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Hey guys, I thought I would share a little discovery of mine I made days ago. I have only tested it on Vigilante on PS2 but in theory at least it should work for any mission vehicle. So to do the firetruck PP conversion, or the free roam UH 2.0 conversion on a mission vehicle like a Taxi of Ambulance, you need to be able to activate the firetruck mission on it to fail the mission (though I do know of a way to do UH 2.0 with a rampage instead) but the issue is you can't activate the firetruck mission on mission vehicles, instead it will activate Taxi or whatever mission is associated with the vehicle. So, I decided to see if I could make a mission vehicle act like a normal vehicle. What I did is quite simple, I canceled a B&G menu as the screen was going black after activating Vigilante, after the Vigilante flag was activated, yet before any mission scripts could run. It's not all that useful and won't save you any on mission attempts compared to the other PP conversion method, but it does allow for earlier conversions of these vehicles (like for keeping a DP/PP FBI car for OM0 tests) and it should help expand the capabilities of any glitches involving the firetruck mission.

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