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GTA LCS Marked/H Conversion POC Save File Download

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Hey guys, since my post concerning combining marking and H conversion, I have gone and fully tested it out on the PS2 version successfully. I went ahead and stored 8 H converted vehicles in the memory all the way from A Volatile Situation on Portland until the unlocking of the Shoreside Vale garage. That left room for 4 vehicles in the Portland garage, so I could have easily H converted 12 vehicles raising the tested limit on PS2 from 5 to 12. I chose to keep only 10 however, as this saves other purpose was entirely to be overpowered in every way so I needed an AP/TP Rhino and the Hunter ofc. I didn't keep a single EC vehicle, yet everything is AP/PP at the minimum. Except the bikes, I haven't actually DP converted them yet but that's a free roam conversion so that can still happen at this point in the game, and this was only a rehearsal, a scouting mission where I could learn what I needed for the real save. I didn't even use a starter save or anything, I did all kinds of things to make it easier this time like using a locked BGM and extra infinite timers, so don't expect good stats or anything. I left plenty of missions to beat too. After DP conversion of the bikes, the garages will contain:

Garage 1

AP/H/PP/UH 2.0 Banshee
AP/H/WP/PP/UH 2.0 PCJ-600
AP/H/WP/PP/UH 2.0 Freeway
AP/H/WP/PP/UH 2.0 Sanchez

Garage 2

AP/H/PP/UH 2.0 Banshee
AP/H/WP/PP/UH 2.0 PCJ-600
AP/H/PP/UH 2.0 Cheetah
AP/TP/PP Rhino

Garage 3

AP/H/PP/UH 2.0 Banshee
AP/H/WP/PP/UH 2.0 PCJ-600
AP/H/PP/UH 2.0 RC Bandit
AP/PP/UH 2.0 Hunter

Save 1 loads on Portland, save 2 on Staunton Island and save 3 on Shoreside Vale. Save 3 loads by default. The other saves are old backups I made at key points after reaching Shoreside Vale, and might be useful to you if you wanted to change the garage a bit. All the saves before Bringing the House Down have a H/DP/TP/PP/EC Black Banshee for example, so you could use AP/TP conversion on that instead if you wanted or keep it as is. Tony is FP in this save though so FP cars are handy with your Molotovs, and EP so you can pull up right beside a car and make them go boom lol. I can't seem to make the tank UH 2.0 as vigilante interferes with the firefighter trick but the UH 2.0 rampage trick might work for me one day. I did an Uzi ammo trick that makes the ammo look hacked, but I'll be clear: No cheat codes, Gamesharks, Action Replays or other cheating devices were used in this save, which I made on a real PS2. Anyways, I got a few more things to wrap up around the forums and then I am taking a long break! For months I have been trying to pull this off without deaths, as that is one restriction I never lift and it was a huge pain in the ass. Enjoy the save, cya later


Edited by imkira3
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