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[MP] San Andreas Stories: Fall of Claude Speed

Black Fox

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After the events of GTA III, Claude was contacted by Asuka Kasen, requesting him to help her organization to settle down in San Andreas. Asuka offered Claude a luxury reward if the job are done well. Accepting the job, Claude Speed flew to San Andreas and started working on helping the Yakuza to settle down through Asuka's contact, Suzuki. However, things took a bad turn for Claude... Find out what happens to him in this mission pack!



Claude Speed






A silent criminal who used to have a criminal relationship with Catalina. He used to be a drifter in the West Coast, until he eventually lost to CJ in an illegal car racing back in 1992. He fled to Liberty City after giving his garage in San Fierro to CJ. After the events of GTA III, Claude, while working under Asuka Kasen, flew back to San Andreas. Eventually, he got killed by Carl Johnson after being ambushed by the Triads at his new home.


Carl Johnson





After the events of GTA San Andreas, Carl decided to stay with his brother, Sweet in San Andreas. During the past 8 years, Carl and Sweet has been working to strengthen the Grove Street Families. After taking over all the territories in 1992, Grove Street Families continues to prosper until eventually led to a decline in 2011, for unknown reasons. In 2001, CJ were contacted by an old friend, Wu Zi Mu to help deal with his Yakuza problems.



Wu Zi Mu





Wu Zi Mu is a Triad boss who runs a casino in Las Venturas and a small betting shop in San Fierro. Since 1992, his casino business has been running smoothly until the arrival of the Yakuza in 2001. The Yakuza has been taking over the Triads' businesses and properties, except for the Four Dragons Casino itself, and started to expand throughout Las Venturas. Woozie was concerned of this and decided to contact an old friend, CJ, to help him get rid of the Yakuza.







His surname is unknown, but he is believed to be another brother of Asuka Kasen, the head of the Yakuza in Liberty City. In 2001, when the waka-gashira, Kenji Kasen was killed by Claude using a Colombian cartel vehicle, both the Cartel and the Yakuza raged war at each other. In order to save the Yakuza from a pending doom, Asuka has ordered Suzuki to move to San Andreas and starts a base of operation there. With the help of Claude Speed, their organization were expanding until eventually, they were outsmarted by the Triads and got destroyed before they have any chance to expand more.






Ken was a high ranking Yakuza member. He joined the Yakuza back in 1998. He proved himself by doing and completing various jobs given to him without failing even once. He climbed the ranks until he was killed by the Triads while defending a warehouse.



Fall of Claude Speed: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/67263




Credits to PatrickW and Dutch3010 for creating DYOM.

Credits to YOU for playing my mission pack.

Edited by Black Fox
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