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Red Dead Redemption 2 in 8K (Ultra Settings)


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With the UberRig finally updated to include 2x RTX 3090 in SLI, Red Dead Redemption 2 runs like a champ with native Vulkan MGPU implemented!


Here's the game in (native) 8K with all settings maxed out on Ultra:



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Frag Maniac

I'm a bit surprised I could even stream it on my 100MB connection. It did freeze momentarily shortly after you took off on the horse, but I'm not entirely sure it was a stream buffer hiccup. The stream was easily staying ahead of the actual played frames at that point, same as it was everywhere else.


As for two 3090s in SLI, really? Seems kinda pointless since the first gen 3000 series was hamstrung by power limitations and is being fixed by a new die process by another chip vendor, and we all know SLI is almost dead by now for most games.


The game is great, mostly, but there are some major flaws that really bug me.





Side Activities

Voice Acting




Awkward Controls

Story is very depressing and restricted toward end

Tracking mechanic is often tedious and hard to see


Oddly enough, the one thing I was worried about, the forced ultra linearity many talk about, was the least of the problems. About the only time I was bothered by it was when it limited weapon choice for certain missions. There's also times, like with the bear hunt with Hosea, and the boar hunt with Hamish, you're awkwardly and idiotically forced into having a dual with your pistol at close range with these formidable beasts.


The story itself even before the ending gets long in the tooth due to falling into the predictable trap of Dutch's "great ideas" turning into failures one after another. Chapter 6 is where the boredom really begins to get on my nerves, as everyone in camp is suddenly mad at Arthur and depressed. Where it really got annoying was when Pearson suddenly disappears, which can easily leave you not being able to finish camp upgrades, something I invested a lot of hunting time into.


Then there's the idiotic sudden attack of Tuberculosis Arthur is stricken with. Mind you this is also where some of the most intense battles come one after another, and because this illness causes him to get limited benefit from eating, your Deadeye core becomes very hard to replenish. I never tried the option to stay with John and escape, but going back to get the gold was very uneventful and disappointing. 


Then we suddenly appear playing as John several years later, only to find by the time we can finally build and live in a decent home, we're already at Epilogue Part 2, the very last chapter of the game. It would be one thing if camp upgrades and anything else you missed out on were transferred over to this new homestead, so you could at least use it as a decent end game base after the story ends, but that is far from how it is structured.


These things and a few annoying bugs along the way make what could have been a great experience, a mere average one. In fact the ending is so disappointing, before even finishing the game, I have been playing GRID 2019 instead. Since starting GRID 2019, I'm having a hard time wanting to go back to RDR2, and before then, RDR2 was the only game I was playing.




Edited by Frag Maniac
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Western stories usually are depressing tho.


I honestly don't think we're ready for 8k yet haha.. let's let developers use extra performance power for gameplay this generation.

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Frag Maniac
On 11/28/2020 at 3:01 AM, pariah87 said:

Western stories usually are depressing tho.

It's not just that. I can handle depressing moments in stories, but when it's riddled with the repetition of them all acting like Dutch's stooges, following one uneventful idiotic "idea" after another, and Arthur's illness giving you very limited regen capability, yet he's supposed to still act like the tough guy in the group at the end of the game where the toughest battles are, it starts looking like nonsensical writing. Then there's the unexpected disappearance of Pearson taking away your chance to complete camp upgrades that you've spent endless hours working on, and Arthur's fate leaving you no outcome for his story arc.


No, it's not just depression at all, it's that the game is chock full of bad story ideas that make you feel like you've wasted your time. I'm hardly the only person that has commented on these examples resulting in nonsensical game design either. The game had huge potential that was unrealized due to these glaring flaws. A game with such a huge amount of content shouldn't feel so repetitious, restricted, and uneventful. It just makes the ton of hours spent playing it feel pointless.

Edited by Frag Maniac
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What resolution are you running? The graphics in your video aren't as good as mine running 2180 resolution with most of everything set to low except texture which is ultra, water set on high, and a couple other settings on high. Maybe it's just the video.

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