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Horse cores problem


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i bought a new horse in the stable, but the health core and stamina core are empty (they are red) so when i leave the stable the horse is nearly dead so i have to feed it. But when i use fast travel and teleport to the area i want the horse again has its cores empty so every time i load into a new area it has empty/ red cores. Out of frustration i sold the horse cause i thought what else could i do and bought some time later again a new horse and again the same problem, empty cores etc. Anyone els has this bug/ problem or knows about how to solve it?

Edited by BZXC32
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I've not experienced that myself, but it is not a new issue. I found this from a year ago:





Other people have the same issues, in that thread. 


One person had them fixed, when the game was updated, but a new horse then had the same problem.


OH, read this where the person mentions possible Fix? Not sure if your issue is the same as theirs (you don't mention how many horses you have)

, but:




Posted August 1, 2019 (edited)


Ok guys so I found a solution about this bug and the reason it happens.


The problem comes when you have 5 horses in your stable. After buying the fifth horse, one of your horses, or the one you just bought, migth get hit by the glitch-bug. Basically  I don't know what triggers the glitch or what you have to do in order to enable it, but my friend, who owns 5 horses has not faced this problem, at least for now. Unfortunately in order to solve this you have to discard one of your horses (I know guys, it's hard, but you have to do it if you want your horse back). So this is the solution in order  to fix this BUG. 


I've discarded one horse that I didn't want (the cheapest one)> made a different horse active > left the stable > returned to the stable and made the glitched horse active > left the stables and fed it. And that's it. 

Apparently there are reports that even when you do this and you have 4 horses, if you buy a fifth horse you will have the bug again. So I came to the coclusion that if you get hit by the BUG once, you will have this bug forever, or at least until R* does something about it. Again ... this is just a theory, I bought a fifth horse just to test this bug and i have no problems for now. 


Edited August 1, 2019 by Ante_Geia"


They may be on to something, since I only have maybe 4 horses and have got rid of some I did not like (and never have had this problem.)


Found a support thread at Rockstar, not answered by Rockstar, but in it the people with the problem seem to have 5-10 stabled horses:






Unless fixed, the fix seems to be being much more picky/selective/frugal about your horses.

Edited by Krommer
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Thank you for this awesome awnser/ reply, for me its the 12th? (forgot how many horses i have) and last horse you can own. I hope this glitch/ bug will be fixed very quick. I have once discard the horse and bought a new one but the problem wasnt solved 

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