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The Snow Storm

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Simple question:

How did Niko know where to go?

Hell how did Niko even know what it was about?

Hell did Elizabeth and Jacob even mention a single detail about it to Niko?

I'm confused.

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Most missions it is the same story, the mission giver says go here and kill this guy without giving much information for Niko to go on.


except in that one mission (Photo Shoot) Niko apparently needs to take a picture to find Playboy’s target LOL

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Damn you're right, just quickly read the script and they really don't tell him where to go or what to do :lol:


Elizabeta: Niko, go do this fools job for him

Niko: Yeah, I got it

Little Jacob: Watch me and her... watch me and...

Niko: See you later


And off he goes lol


I guess they just neglected to add it or the scene ended up getting shortened or a phone call or text with further instructions after he left got cut or whatever, and the mission still worked thanks to on screen instructions so it got overlooked.  I'm sure there's all kinds of other times it happens, with some details being magically known. Kind of a glaring omission in this case though. She does tell him she was ripped off and I think it's plausible enough that he knows she wants him to deal with them and get drugs or money back but they definitely should've had someone mention where to go to find them.

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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"The Snow Storm" introduction cutscene is indeed a bit off.


Jacob and Elizabeta yell at each other, Niko is barely involved in the conversation then poof.

Edited by Alexlecj

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