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Phil Cassidy7

New tactical guns speculation

Recommended Posts

Adem Baysan
52 minutes ago, TheQuebecNinja said:

I literally just want a Kinetic Missile Launcher (with Ruiner2K homing capabilities) to buzz off the broomsticks and buy myself some peace. If most players buy it and use it, I bet we'll see those sh*tty bikes so much less often and the kids using it to grief won't be able to complain that their crutch got directly nerfed.

That could easily be abused against any other vehicle as well, traveling by helicopter would pretty much be impossible, as Ruiner 2K missiles are impossible to dodge in Helis. Or anything else that isn't an fighter plane for that matter. Instead of all these counters, they should simply remove the Opressor or disarm it completely. I doubt they'll do either, which is a shame. 

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4 hours ago, Dying Starz said:

Good luck against Heavy Sniper rifles!

Crossbows have been used as counter-sniper weapons in modern times.


If R* would put a crossbow in GTA 5,give it the same power and reload time as the musket, good range and accuracy (preferably have a scope on it),and make it almost completely silent,it would be a decent weapon.

And besides,it's not like SNS Pistol or a broken bottle have any chance against a Heavy Sniper either,and they ended up in game anyway.

Edited by GTA-Biker
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Delicious Potato


Not a speculation but a wish: A manual action (bolt, lever...) or semi-automatic, long range, powerful rifle. Musket is a fun toy but we need something more practical.

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On 11/22/2020 at 9:48 AM, suicidal_banana said:

- Theres like 10-20 weapons we can get a MK2 version of, why would they only do one? With how jaded you come across im sure you know that the whole point of MK2 weapons is to have people pay double for their weapons, why would they only make 1?

- The laser weapons came directly from one of the cartoons (RSR) and the cartoon has no others, so its a bit weird to assume that the main thing we're getting is more laser weapons when there essentially are none to make anymore.

- Melee weapons would not be the focus, as that category has the most weapons assigned to it for a while now, they will want to add some stuff to smg/rifle/heavy categories instead.

- Yes we remember the summer special DLC, do you remember all the stuff that happened around it? the shelved cops DLC & how the company was running at like a quarter capacity because of covid lockdowns?

- I dont even know what "as per my post re no island expansion" is supposed to mean (do you just assume that everybody here reads everybody's posts??) but uhhhh, we ARE getting an island expansion? you are in the subforum for it?!

Stop whining 

Can’t even have an opinion anywhere. Bet this person is a try hard or a griefer 


22 hours ago, Dying Starz said:

Good luck against Heavy Sniper rifles!

Stop complaining and do something. Here's an idea. Get a loan and start your own video game company. Build a video game like GTA Online and then you can show Rockstar what they should have done with DLCs. Compete with them. I'm sure if you give everyone what they want million of people will play your game! You can make your game to way you want. You do not have to worry about memory management systems, just put all kinds of stuff in your game without putting a teaspoon of thought in the longevity and stability of the game. 

Urm easy there tiger. 

im sure you will get your little griefer/try hard weapons. It’s all good don’t panic. 

It’s simply an opinion jeez 

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