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[SL/MP] [DLC] Third Italian


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This storyline/mission pack plays to the events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and is therefore a game expansion.



Steve Sindacco lives in Las Venturas and works for Johnny Sindacco, the underboss of the Sindacco family.

He supports the meat business and the production of counterfeit chips.

After a terrible tragedy, Steve and Anthony Sindacco embark on a vendetta of a different kind.


Download (Storyline)



Download (Mission Pack)


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fixed some mistakes
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  • 7 months later...

Finally got down to write a feedback, it was a long mp after all.


I appreciate what you did here with revival of 3D Era / DYOM cross universe as this was a thing back in the day when I used to design. Although I'm not that familiar with LV part of the game (it's been too long since I played it, forgot many important details), I still recognised some important events and stuff that was very well aligned with the original San Andreas timeline. You really pay attention to details, kudos for that!


On the other part, what I 'miss' is the soundtrack. Compared to ballas doom, this mp completely lacked the soundtrack to make it feel more alive. Apart from few sound effects in few missions, there's nothing else. As always, l like the usage of skin mods in your mps. Gives it a fresh look, to distance itself from a typical overused gta sa models (like we have a choice lol). As for missions, they mostly consist of typical GTA-styled missions and since this is supposed to be a DLC for GTA SA, it's totally fine and works well with the plot. Simplistic but does the job - at least thats how they say it in my country haha


I liked the MP, it's nice to see stuff from a different perspective, especially from the eyes of Sindacco family as I think it's an overlooked part of the story in SA's storyline. Good work and keep it up!

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