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A few questions: directinput, DirectX, settings, etc


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I had a few general questions, about issues I've had with GTA3 lately. One is Directinput was installed when I installed GTA3 on steam on WIndows 10. It popped up a thing asking me to install it, and I didn't realize until later that it causes issues. Uninstalled the game, deleted the game's folder in steam and the user files folder in documents. But directinput is always there with my Xbox One controller in GTA3, even if I force steam controller input to off etc.


I've mostly gotten around that by clearing all the keybinds which have stuff like "joy3" etc in there, and using xpadder. But oddly enough even with xpadder, my dpad always makes me move left, right, up, and down. So if I bind say d-pad left to change the radio, it'll also make me swerve left a bit. Even though xpadder has that set to be keys instead of the dpad.


So one question is, does anyone know of a way to fully disable directinput for GTA3 and VC, or uninstall whatever windows installed there? This directinput thing also conflicted with GInput for me, for example.


Another question, about DirectX End-User runtimes. That's recommended for GTA3, and GInput mod etc. I went here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=35


A page from microsoft saying Download DIrectX End-User Runtime. If I try it, it says it didn't need to install anything, since I'm already up to date. I also have DirectX 12 and the latest nvidia stuff, just for the record. Just curious, does anyone know specifically what if anything goes wrong if you don't have those old DirectX End-User Runtimes in this game? The PC Game wiki didn't mention. And I haven't noticed it cause any issues, other than me finding directinput to be a nuisance.


And one more question, if I want to backup my GTA3 and Vice City user settings, keybinds etc, which file is that? I see a GTA3 User Files folder in documents for example with GTA3.set, GTA3sf1.b, and GTA3sf2.b. Is that all I need to backup, or is there stuff in the game's folder in steam I should backup as well? Thanks.

Edited by Psycho_Motorin
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