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Is Vice City at 60 FPS playable?


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I know it's an old topic, did a search on here, but still had some questions. GTA3 needs to be kept limited to 30 FPS or it has game-breaking bugs, like a freeze in the first mission. I've heard more conflicting stuff about Vice City though. The PC Game Wiki for example claims if you lock it to 60 FPS with Nvidia Inspector it " Enables the game to run at 60 FPS while avoiding most glitches." I have used RivaTuner, which I assume works similarly.


And it mentions a mod, which it says has some drawbacks, but is an option too. There is a list of the bugs that happen above 30 FPS on there too, but the bit where it says you can cap it "while avoiding most glitches" kind of makes it vague whether it would affect it in that setup or not. And I've seen a couple posters say that some people like to play Vice City at 60, even if it has some quirks.


So, just wondering about that. Anybody play Vice City with it capped at 60 FPS? I'm happy to play with the in-game 30 FPS limiter, but was curious what happens if you do try 60.

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I don't see how Nvidia's Profile Inspector (or RivaTuner for that matter) prevents the glitches but go ahead and test it. It won't ruin your game permanently. Try to launch a new game during testing as that's a good place to start your 60 FPS adventures. Then try listening to ped dialogues and driving cars.

Edited by GhettoJesus
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Sadly all the 3D era GTA games suffer problems once you go over 30fps, there are some mods out there that try and fix some things but not everything is complete. Vice City will have some physics bugs at 60fps, such as Tommy being able to push cars by running into them, etc, some missions might break here and there, but I doubt it's as bad as GTA3's instant death by collision bug 😛

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