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Big smoke relationship with the Russian Mafia


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The Russian Mafia first appearance in the game was during the mission "Just Business" Where They probably ambushed Smoke During his deal with them And Tried to seriously Kill him And they also seem to know him very well since there are a lot of dialogues showing them calling him by his name ( only two were used for some reasons) Then their second appearance was during "Gray imports" where they were making a deal with the ballas but CJ successfully ambushed it and Killed Andre

Anyway later in the game We see them working for big smoke And Defending him during End of the line And during the beta stages CJ was supposed to kill the Russian Mafia boss instead of Andre And Andre was supposed to be A minor character Who's smoke's right hand and CJ would have beat him for information during all-terrain takedown mission 

so what do you think exactly happened that made Big smoke turn from their Enemy to Have them as his men.

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Simply put, drugs and money. Russians can also be seen making deals with the Ballas during the mission Gray Imports so it's clear that Smoke was either in cahoots with them the entire time, or he won their influence with lofty promises. I'm inclined to believe that the Russians changed their tune when they learned of Smoke's true allegiance. It's difficult to say when because Smoke is known to be liar and a fraud. I've always imagined that Smoke was never actually in danger during the mission Just Business and that the entire mission was a trap to have Carl killed.

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1 hour ago, Rhoda said:

It's difficult to say when because Smoke is known to be liar and a fraud. I've always imagined that Smoke was never actually in danger during the mission Just Business and that the entire mission was a trap to have Carl killed.

I have heard this theory before but the amount of resources those Russians invested in this mission makes me believe that they legitimately wanted to kill Smoke as well.

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The only thing that really discredits this for me is that Smoke has a health bar that you're intended to defend. If that empties from too many shots, he dies and you fail the mission. If my theory was concrete, there wouldn't be a health bar because they're not aiming at him, they're supposed to be aiming at you. Otherwise, I strongly suspect that from the point of view of lore, the real intention is to remove you as the player and somebody that Smoke considers a threat to his operation. My first real clue that something was amiss that Big Smoke shouts "motherf*cker" very early on, almost immediately after walking in. Obviously this is done for comedic effect and timing, because CJ is shown attempting to woo a nearby woman whilst waiting outside. To me, nothing much could have gone wrong so quickly to lead to such a massive shoot-out that culminates in a chase. My second tip off was how quickly and easily you seem to lose the Russians in the alleyway. Up until that point they were hot on your back wheel. It wasn't like Smoke took you down a fork. They followed you down the flood tunnel and almost immediately you're seen as having lost them. It's almost as if they intentionally stopped following you as soon as you reached a certain point.


My favourite clue though? Grip your tin foil hats because this is rough territory. There exists an exploit in the game where if you run away as soon as the outdoor section of the game begins, Smoke's health bar borderline freezes. If you can escape quickly enough, you're given a lengthy free reign of the map without a wanted level and minimal traffic, useful for collecting oysters for example. I know that this is an unintended effect of the game and by no means is a reflection on the plot, but from a lore perspective it made absolute sense... sort of. Eventually, after a very long time, Smoke will eventually die as he normally would if you sat on your arse in the plaza and did nothing. However, hopping over the wall and booking it down the street seems to lock the shoot-out's progress for a while.


It's all bollocks I know, but it's fun to think about. Also, if you're unfamiliar with that glitch, I recommend it.

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I like to believe that the whole "Just business" mess was a big show as well. One thing always grasping my attention is how badly the russian goons are voiced when they try to threaten Big Smoke and CJ. The acting is so off that it almost seems like a conscious decision on the writers part to imply that the whole thing is indeed a setup.

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In retrospect, Smoke was definitely trying to get CJ killed during the "Just Business" mission. When he and CJ ride through Downtown Los Santos to escape from the gang, Smoke parks right in front of the barricade instead of finding a way out. I mean the barricade was only to the right of them, and they had plenty of room on the other side to escape. Notice how Smoke doesn't budge until after CJ killed the Russians in the barricade and they start moving again. Afterwards, he claimed that he couldn't pick up speed during the chase because the gearbox was f*cked. How would he know about the gearbox if he just got on the bike minutes prior to the chase? Also, the Russians seem to know where CJ and Smoke are going since they set up a roadblock twice. How exactly would they prepare so quickly to set up roadblocks when they were only at the mall just minutes ago? There's no way that could happen unless Smoke helped them set up the whole thing before the mission came up in play. Those are signs that Smoke and the Russians set up a trap to get CJ killed, and they seemed to be the ones who were supplying Smoke with the crack after CJ wiped out the Loco Syndicate.

Edited by watersgta3
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On 11/19/2020 at 10:25 PM, Rhoda said:

that Big Smoke shouts "motherf*cker" very early on,

For many years I used to think that it was the girl who shouted it at Carl attempting to seduce her - reveling that, in fact, "she" was a male cross dresser.


I was very disappointed when I learned that it was Big Smoke who actually shouted this.

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  • 2 weeks later...

He just trying to get that Kremlin money.

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