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Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk X


Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk X  

949 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you think of the DLC as a whole?

  2. 2. What do you think of the heist itself?

This poll is closed to new votes

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Lol, the GTAO article got yeeted. The timing was weird to be honest, it's been in preparation for over 6 hours, so definitely something prepared for Thursday or Friday.

Damn, looking at the results of this poll, it seems like a lot of people will be disappointed. 

Quick update, the feed page that shows "Cayo Perico Heist Coming December 15" now expires this Monday. Interesting change, not sure if this is more of a cover up move to shake us off or if it doe

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Just now, Orthur The Boah said:

Wtf they weren't kidding when they said "Entirely new location" haha. Amazing. Also reminds me of the know leak for some reason.

gta6 reddit community was roasting me about this and were salty about this i gotta find those mor*ns now, 

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From the teaser they shared, it looks like we’re robbing a drug cartel at this new island. Makes sense since the text says “John doe last seen at LSIA in connection to El Rubio”

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Oh sh*t guys I just had a huge revelation:


Remember the cut Shamoota Job? where we had to rob a MANSION?


Now, IF we're robbing those mansions as seen before, could this mean they're reusing certain assets..?

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sh*t, now a police-themed Big Con seems even more plausible!


not simping for CnC, simply stating a fact


If we really are robbing a drug cartel. Also, that to me looks way more like Mexico than anything?

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Actually surprized they did two newswire post in a day as the teaser were scheduled tomorrow.


You saw a little teaser about the changes at the very beginning but we’ll have a very cool map update here. Wait until you see the full extension next year with Enhanced and Expended edition. R* will definitly hype it with the next update.

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  • excuseme 1
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Color corrected. Things to notice:

- Other mansions in the background
- Rob10 Dossier? Robin Dossier?
- Coordinates on the bottom. Can someone check them out?


Edit: new island:

Edited by Piro
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5 minutes ago, InfluxOG said:

Well, here it is, looks like it's a cartel villa on an offshore island.



Yes with cliffs on this side and I saw beaches on the other side.


Sandy roads.

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1 minute ago, David200097 said:

Map of the island in larger resolution


  Hide contents



Is it just me or does the map look like a scorpion?

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5 minutes ago, Piro said:

I knew its gonna be a mansion! looks dope. Very... Hitman vibes

edit: and we finally have a confirmation, its a new island! Told ya! 

As I thought, the naked man should be cheating or spying form some intel.

Got threw to the sea with his package.

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Thomas The Dank Engine

This is a whole new chapter in GTA. Somehow i'm not surprised it's an island because of the last couple weeks/months but it's nice to have some confirmation at last.

Edited by Thomas The Dank Engine
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