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Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk X


Next DLC Speculation Topic Mk X  

949 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you think of the DLC as a whole?

  2. 2. What do you think of the heist itself?

This poll is closed to new votes

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  • Thomas The Dank Engine


  • Kernel


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Popular Posts

Lol, the GTAO article got yeeted. The timing was weird to be honest, it's been in preparation for over 6 hours, so definitely something prepared for Thursday or Friday.

Damn, looking at the results of this poll, it seems like a lot of people will be disappointed. 

Quick update, the feed page that shows "Cayo Perico Heist Coming December 15" now expires this Monday. Interesting change, not sure if this is more of a cover up move to shake us off or if it doe

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"Congratulations, you obliterated the GTA$100 Billion challenge last week, taking GTA Online Heist Finales down to the tune of over GTA$1 TRILLION. As a reward for your communal efforts, everyone will receive a special new vehicle during launch week of the next big GTA Online update in December."

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$1 trillion, huh? i guess it's time to raise in-game prices, you fell right into our trap AanjrgM.png

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3 minutes ago, Kernel said:


Heck yeah, kinda knew it (with over 100 000 active players every hour, it was mathematically impossible that we wouldn't reach the goal), but still good to know!

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Well, at least we know the update will be coming in December for sure. It was kinda a given, but still.

Edited by johnwasmyfathersname
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Its weird that in the last thread Spider posted this without context

Maybe the special vehicle is a hovercraft? Or Go-Kart? 

8 minutes ago, LUIGI1798 said:

speaking of washed up bodies

those tighty whities sure look familiar




Sharks with lasers confirmed 

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6 minutes ago, happygrowls said:

announcement: first thursday of december

release: second thursday of december


just my prediction

Announcement: The Game Awards 2020


Rockstar to subvert fans expectation once again. Online advertisement as one of the "World Premier". 

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Just now, Pedinhuh said:

What are the locations of the corpses again?


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14 minutes ago, Kernel said:


I will ask you this ? Yes they can say that we did so, but last time i checked there was no live scoreboard to keep track of the progress as a collective effort. For all I know, these numbers might be fake af and be there just to keep people hyped. As people might have mentioned while the "challenge" was ongoing, that they would just hand out that vehicle no matter what, they just made it look like an achievement. Also for the badges of honor, since they can track your analytics from social club it could easily mean that they will normalize the actual results to reward players that made more money with higher level rewards and so (probably some cash i guess or in game cosmetics or anything). 

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8 minutes ago, Pedinhuh said:

I told y'all the PC hackers had this sh*t in the bag XD


One f*cking TRILLION



That's actually quite low. They said that there are 140 million active players of GTA with 100 000 online at any given moment. If everyone only took part on the Fleeca job ONCE, that still should've been over 10 trillion. So this is a tenth of that, meaning there are only 14 million active players that participated in the event week. The 100 billion mark was super generous and an easy to reach goal

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