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Frozen door glitch (for DP cars with no door animation)


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I found this so I could make a DP car act like it has no door. Some conversions and other glitches require you to break off the drivers-side door so you can exit a vehicle really fast, but you can't do that with DP cars. You could convert it to DP after, but that doesn't help if your car was AP from the start. It was actually pretty simple, I reasoned that if I got out of the car near a cliff I would fall instead of closing the door, and I was right. The surprising part was when I got back in the vehicle through the passenger door, Toni didn't try and close the drivers side door. The door was now glitched so Toni doesn't even have to open the door to exit the vehicle, and the cliff overrides the close-door animation with the falling animation finally giving us the same exit animation of a car with no door. You can also use the DPAD or APAD in the PS2 version to skip the close-door animation, but sometimes that's not an option. In the glitch I developed this for (the older UH 2.0 conversion) that resulted in a crash, but the cliff worked like a charm. If you do use the DPAD or APAD to skip the close-door animation you won't need the cliff after you have used it to freeze the drivers-side door to skip both animations.

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