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New Player Outlook on RDO


Recommended Posts

*Disclaimer: I know how triggered people get for long forum posts, so here's your chance to move along!*

We've been playing Red Dead Online for about 6 Months now. We have some feedback for the devs, and I'm told this is the place to leave it.

  • Overall, we range from rank 16 (casual player) to rank 225 (that's me.)
  • We've seen all the roles, and have a pretty high completion rate.
  • Also, we have a diverse group in our posse, ranging from age 20, to age 44.
  • All of us are die-hard gamers and MOST are COMPLETELY NEW to Rockstar, finding our way to Red Dead Online through a free demo of GTA5 on the epic launcher. Only 2 or 3 of the group have played the single player story, and I'm not one of them.
  • Our posse is made of 9 humans. We have 3 females in the group, and 6 males. At any given time, we have a posse of 4 online. Myself, and the ladies are the most active.


So far, we are extremely satisfied with the product, and REALLY appreciate the detail and hard work put into the game.


Thank you all so much!


Also, I'm new to the forums, so I'm sure NONE of these items are anything new. We just thought we'd give our critique as new players, and even as a new gamer (this is an important note, because RDO actually got my soonwife to want to play videogames for the first time (age 30.)


That being said, here's our feedback.

  1. PvP dailies should have their own category, and separate awards. I do enjoy some PvP, BY CHOICE, every now and again. But as a group, we aren't good at it, and we don't want to compete with each other or anyone else. This isn't GTA. It's not COD. Let's enjoy the sandbox!
  2. Private (Invite Only) lobbies should be offered.
    1. I would easily justify paying 1000 gold for this. Maybe that would boost sales? I would pay for access to invite only server.
    2. Smaller lobbies are much more stable
    3. We don't have to worry about our casual fun turning into high-anxiety competition with angry teen-agers (and adults) living in their parent's basements. Ganking/griefing might be a Rockstar thing (?) but we don't like it. Plus, as I mentioned, we aren't good at PvP.
    4. We could avoid hackers (We lost a player due to this.)
    5. We could actually see Free Roam events occur.
    6. We might get to see a legendary creature every once and a while.
  3. If private lobbies aren't a possibility (even to generate gold sales,) then perhaps offer a low-hostility/high-hostility option. 
  4. Obviously, we'd like the game to be more stable. Not lose skins, etc,.  
  5. We'd much rather upgrade and modify wagons instead of transforming into an opossum.
  6. Certain dailies are completely impossible to achieve for normal adults. For example: clearing out 2 ambushes. clearing out two hideouts. This isn't going to happen. I once spent 4 HOURS without finding one (and that was after I had to want to shoot myself listening to crappy youtubers describe how to get them to spawn.) So annoying, but here's a potential fix:
    1. What if moonshiners or bar goers could get a 'shady customer' drunk and start a 'mission' that reveals the location of random events?
    2. How about bribing bartenders or saloon girls for info on the location of a hideout or an ambush? (You guys could have so much fun with that.)
    3. How about a rowdy patron you have to beat up that trades information to be let go?
    4. Let's get creative here, so those of us with working schedules can actually enjoy the sense of completion.
  7. We want more storyline quests. You guys at Rockstar are so so so so so so so so SO SO SO SO SO good at this! Modify some of the single payer stories...we don't care...as I said...I think only 2 or three of us even attempted the single player version of the game, throw my dude in the place of Arthur. Doesn't matter. MOAR PLEASE
  8. General Roles Issues:
    1. Timers should be used for bonus money only. They create unwanted anxiety, just like forced PvP does. Sure, it's fun to have to try to beat the timer, but we are playing these games for fun, not for grey hair cultivation.
    2. All role coupons and rewards should be worth a $10.00 RDO cash value. 
  9. Moonshiner role:
    1. Bartending/playing in the band should earn you tips and small amounts of cash while you are in the shack. 
    2. My soonwife wants you to put in swing-dancing. (Hey...this is a groups' critique here, you guys get all of it.)
    3. The penalty for a bottle breaking on deliveries is obnoxiously high, and doesn't really math out. 
    4. As above, more emersion into the rest of the game by allowing certain patrons to be bribed, etc,.
    5. Brothel expansion 
  10. Bounty Hunter Role:
    1. Timers should be for bonuses only. I've mentioned before that anxiety sucks, especially in today's political climate. Timers make some of these missions nearly impossible, and enemies un-lootable. How can I take time to loot to try for a collector's daily (off bodies) when I have to get three bounties to my bounty wagon, after lassoing them from horses, with bolas, and hitting them with tracking arrows? I can't. Yes, I know, I can do the dailies and let the timer run out without penalty. I know how the game works, I just want to finish it all in one go so I can do other things. 
    2. Eliminate player bounties as a daily.
  11. Collector Role:
    1. Would love to see legendary collector quests for high valued single items.
    2. "Use 'X' collector maps" as a daily should be changed to -> "find all items on a single collectors map." Those maps are expensive, and finding 9 items to make it worth while is very time consuming. 
    3. Different options for collector saddle bags since they are the only ones worth while.
  12. Naturalist:
    1. Actually, we like this role a lot as far as the ingenuity and opposition to the rest of the game motif.
    2. Would be nice to have a travel wagon with this role (since traveling by wagon is the only way you can go from point A to point B without getting killed by predators.) A 2, 4, and 7 person wagon would be an awesome thing to see as people go out to study animals.
    3. While we do enjoy naturalist, we don't understand the benefits of animal transformation. Shouldn't doing these transformations offer stat increases?
      1. Like turning into a deer passively increases your ability to hop a fence.
      2. A boar transformation teaches you how to tackle better. ETC,. 
      3. Rabbits teach you to sprint longer
      4. Opossums reduce predators likelihood to attack you.
    4. The above mentioned items, and bonuses for burning the plants at camp for the whole posse.
      1. Horse bonding increased for 3 days could be an interesting side effect.
  13. Trader:
    1. Please fix the supplies bar to reflect the level of supplies Cripps has. There's nothing NOTHING !!! N.O.T.H.I.N.G !!! more annoying than filling up materials, seeing everything operational, selecting a bounty mission, THEN FINDING OUT CRIPPS IIS OUT OF SUPPLIES. Ugh.
    2. Better wagons? Horses?
  14. Free Roam Events
    1. These need to be on random timers weekly. For example, "Trade Route" only hits me at 4am MST. I've only been able to benefit from this a few times when I can't sleep. My whole posse loves this event, but so far, we have only been able to enjoy it as a group once.
  15. Horses:  
    1. We need a way to understand the hidden stats. Like clues, if you aren't going to just state them outright. So far, my best horse as far as being steadfast, coming when I call, not running into trees, etc, was just some pony I picked up for free in order to get the 5 horses owned achievement. 
    2. We need to be able to catch and tame our own horses.
    3. We need to be able to select the color and the tier of the horse.  
    4. We need to be able to sell our old horses and tack
    5. We need to be able to upgrade wagons by purchasing or capturing horses for them.
  16. Dogs:
    1. Dogs that come with you, help you track, warn you from predators, fight predators.
    2. Dogs that require care.
    3. Someone to replace Cripps with for not liking Dogs.
  17. Items:
    1. Previews for Bow Skins please. 
    2. Mixing and Matching Role Outfits
    3. Donate ransacked items for Honor
    4. Sell ransacked items for Dishonor 
  18. Events:
    1. The Halloween event could have been so. much. better. NO malicious packs of wolves scaring townsfolk? No psychotic serial killers to bring in as bounties? No infectious plague that makes people come at you like zombies?
  19. Outlaw passes:
    1. By far the best system I have seen for this type of progression system in any game. Well done!
  20. You guys making money:
    1. At least 9 people I know would pay for an expansion of this game, even if it were just a regional expansion into some islands, or in some of the areas you can sneak your way into. Alaska-ish. Florida-ish. NEW YORK-ish. 
    2. We love this game, and really think that if you created some options that catered to a more casual clientele, and eliminated the ganking, and griefing, and hackers, that you could capitalize on it.
    3. Don't cheap us out by making us pay gold for stuff that we can't customize, can't do anything with, or doesn't have any real benefits. 


Alright, it's finally over. This is the 6 month assessment of 9 people who love your game.


Thank you, Rockstar, for entertaining the heck out of us!

And thanks to anyone who reads and comments! 

Edited by j_jesser
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