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Favourite Concept thread


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What are your favourite Concept threads of gtaforums? Name at least one and no more than three. Please insert a link to the concept thread topic(s).


(You shouldn't name your own concept thread, because this thread is about finding out the best concept thread and not promoting your own. That you can do in the lounge and your own concept threads.)



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1. Tyla's Vice City concept

2. GTA Carcer City (2011) by ObsidianRaven

3. Bohemians and Blackjack


Honorable mentions: gta san fierro but mostly because of the drama surrounding that


Also the las venturas concept on gta vi that had a really awesome map even though there wasnt a story on that


In terms of music i think liberty city 1978 and the second carcer city concept by obsidianraven had the best soundtrack imo

Edited by DownInThePMs
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31 minutes ago, DownInThePMs said:

1. Tyla's Vice City concept



That, downinthePMs Carcer thread, and ojsalibi's III Vice City concept

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  • Tyla's Grand Theft Auto VI: Vice.
  • universetwisters's Grand Theft Auto: Monroe C.D.
  • DownInThePM's Grand Theft Auto: Borders.
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definitely Tyla's Vice City concept, i remember reading it a few years back and being amazed at how detailed it was.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I can't forget @killdrivetheftvehicle for his GTA America concept. I thought that was pretty awesome. That was actually the first concept I came across before I even joined GTA Forums. It was very ambitious in terms of scale and the very concept that started me taking these concepts serious and really getting into them. There's just something so exhilarating about reading a very well done concept and taking in the atmosphere.

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The Notorious MOB
On 11/17/2020 at 8:18 PM, HangTheDj said:

Personally, I think anything @slimeball supreme @Cebra and @Money Over Bullsh*t do is pure gold. @DownInThePMs Grand Theft Auto: Borders concept is pretty awesome too.

Thank you sir.

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