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More Dynamic Autonomous Online for VI with Criminal Organizations

Recommended Posts


More Dynamic Autonomous Online for VI with Criminal Organizations


Going forward it will be very difficult for R* to match the content demand and the content amount of V’s online, so it would be in R*’s best interest to make the Online more autonomous, if they want Online to have the same lifespan second time around.


Here are some conceivable ideas with the goals of decreasing the reliance on scripted/authored content, reducing griefing, increasing community/social interaction & teamwork, adding more options for RP, allowing players to offer missions & make deals with each other, while still making the mandatory monetization possible for R* (have to stay realistic about wishes) The ideal would be that highly-dedicated and skilled (community of) players could achieve what they want and more casual players, not willing to put in the effort, could turn to microtransactions if they so desire.


(For many of these ideas the basics have already been implemented)


Radar Blips



  • Player Blips not automatically visible to non-friendlies
    • reduces griefing
    • Escaping others possible
    • Making the reveal of blips a gameplay feature (more below)




  • Intel could be gathered about players and Organizations
  • Making stats, achievements etc. have more of a in-game purpose
  • (more below)


Criminal Organizations (from small gangs to Cartels/Mafias etc.)

  • Expanding & Deepening Social Club Crews
  • The members earn money to organization’s own “shared” money account (that the leader/upper management controls)
  • this money would be more expendable…
    • the money itself and the property, guns, vehicles etc. organization buys with it could be more easily lost or confiscated by the law enforcement
  • …but the organizations would be THE way to the big bucks
    • higher the risk, higher the reward $$$
    • (more on money sharing below)
  • Organization level system
  • Notoriety
    • Increases the rank in the global leaderboard, but also the heat level of the members
      • more police activity to take you down
    • Notoriety increased by:
      • the size of the Organization
      • In Freemode eg. successfully attacking the police or evading wanted level, fighting against other organizations, through business operations, killing innocents etc.
      • Winning organization related missions, ranked matches etc.
        • higher the difficulty (eg. against NPC’s vs. Players) higher the Notoriety XP
  • Leveling up or maintaining the level of the Organization would require money, certain notoriety level, equipment, vehicles, properties, doing more and more riskier missions etc.
  • Intel about Criminal Organizations


  • most valuable intel
    • In the beginning all intel about organization private among members
      • like who’s the leader / upper management / in what criminal activity they are involved in etc.
  • Everything you do for certain criminal organization gives you intel about those activities
    • Eg. defending or managing organization’s cocaine farm would give you intel that the organization owns a cocaine farm
      • This intel could then be sold to police/ other organizations
      • or given for free to avoid penalties for arrest
  •  As law enforcement or enemy organizations gather more and more intel on the organization, more and more opportunities (missions, events) become available for them to take down the organization
    • For example once enough intel has been gathered, mission to eg. raid a cocaine farm becomes available
      • If successful -> eg. confiscation of the property, more intel etc.
  • The Leader(s)


  • Handles how the money is shared to members bank accounts
    •  if greedy, other players won’t put up with it
    • the Organization itself also needs a lot of money, equipment, vehicles, properties etc. to operate
      •  Expenses increase as the organization grows (bribing costs etc.)
  • Handles high level decisions
    • (eg. start a war with another cartel,  set up high level meeting between cartels, start business etc.)
    • Decides the possible rules of the organization
      • Eg. XP level required to join, the amount of money the member should bring in regularly (percent of earnings) etc.
      • Penalties for eg. disobeying/ snitching/ killing other members or members of friendly organization, raising the heat level of the organization by doing killing sprees etc.
  • Can give decision power to other members / promote them
  • Decide who can access the equipment, vehicles, handling of business etc.
  • Can kick people out of the organization
    • the kicked people can still have damaging intel on the organization
      • countermeasure against this
        • kicking them out via fake mission/meeting
          • they come in and its actually hit job
          • they could be on guard and have protection
          • but if successful, their intel is removed
  • Mutiny/Betrayals


  • dynamic changing of the leadership
    • mostly this would happen through giving intel to cops or to rival organizations
    • Additionally maybe some sort of voting system
  • Snitching for a cash reward or to avoid penalties
    • Higher your position more damaging the intel to the organization
      • Leaders would have think who to trust
        • no could really be trusted but others are needed to grow the organization (=make the big money)
  • Recruitment


  • Players
    • Enticing other players with money or by promising access to equipment, weapons, vehicles, properties, business missions, community, emblems etc.
    • Cons on being part of an organization:
      • You don’t own organizations stuff, it could all disappear if organization goes down
      • Heat level (once you are known/ intel about you has been gathered)
        • Higher you are in the criminal organization / more money you make, more you will be targeted by players/police because the rewards from you increase
          • wanted levels start higher
          • (need for bodyguards/protection)
        • Temporary normality could be achieved with increasingly more expensive Fake ID’s
  • NPC’s
    • Some set salary amount depending on the skill level, armor etc.
      • Low paid more prone to snitching etc.
    • most likely worse than players in fighting and making money, but always available and their effort full time
  •  Competing or dealing with other organizations


  • If two or more organizations deal in the same business in the same lobby, their profits are lowered
    • Solutions:
      • Fighting (wars), destroying their businesses
      • Making deals
        • (eg. we handle the production in this lobby, you the trafficking)
        • Deals/meetings would have to happen in freemode
          • eg. players do a drug deal in some dark alley
          • Anything could happen eg. Police can show up
            • (remember blips would not be visible so griefing less of a problem)
            • More use for apartments
            • safe places to meet
              • police could still barge in with search warrant (more below)
  • Organizations could set up matches/races with each other
    • They could decide reward:
      • eg. loser organizations money/intel/equipment/vehicles/properties etc.
      • Outcome would affect the leaderboard rank etc.
  • Countermeasures against the police


  • Leader can order a hit on snitch
    • if successful, it eg. it would remove the intel the snitch had completely or decrease it making it less damaging
  • Example Rewards for winning against the police
    •  cops losing intel against the organization
    •  obtaining intel on who’s a snitch / undercover cop
    • getting confiscated items/properties back
    •  + (maybe timed immunity)
  • Option for Casual play / Passive mode
    • when on, player doesn’t get profits from the organization and has no access to things related to it


Law Enforcement (Police / FIB / DEA etc.)

  • Ability to play as the police
  • Goals


  • Take down the criminal organizations
    • (NPC AI could be most likely outsmarted so player-police would bring more balance)
  • Patrol the freemode, looking for NPC & Player criminals (eg. traffic stops, chases, drug busts etc.)
    • Police players would have access to the Player Profile Database from eg. their cars
      • ID info: known criminal activity, heat level, intel gathered on the person etc.
  • Arresting/ Giving penalties

Arrest can happen when

  • Cop has intel on that player
  • or the criminal loses against the police


  • Example penalty options for the criminal
    • Pay a Fine
      • amount depending on the severity of the crime, the criminals heat level etc.
    • Giving intel
      • higher the crime or heat level, more damaging intel needs to be given
    • (Making blip visible)
    • For severe crimes: Timeouts
      • During a timeout the criminal can’t profit from organization/access options related to it (simulating jail time)
        • could be cancelled with bribes/corruption/missions etc.
  • Pros & Cons


  • Perks of being a cop:
    • an instant and free access to equipment and vehicles
    • a regular money drop via salary, increased by going further in the career path or for completing tasks (arresting high level criminals, taking down griefers, gathering intel etc.)
      • eg. Police Menu (calling backup etc.)
        •  Leader positions could order other police, organize raids etc.
  • Possible Cons:
    • Abiding by Rules
    • Penalties for eg. killing innocents (if caught) or for abusing power
    • Have to use police clothing/equipment (unless undercover cop)
    • Profiting cap (unless corrupt)
  • Corruption

Accepting bribes, removing intel about organizations etc.

  • but intel could also be gathered about cops
    • if corruption discovered: a penalty or lose of position depending on severity
      • demotion
      • or have to start from the beginning (+ maybe timeout before police career available again) 
  • Taking down Criminal Organizations:
  • Fighting them in the freemode
  • Gathering intel
    • Successful missions (raids etc.)
    • By witnessing a crime
    • Through informants(snitches)/NPC’s
    • Undercover cops
      • joining some criminal organization
        • goal to climb the ranks/ gather intel
        • the gathered intel would have to be physically transferred by eg. meeting another cop or by going to the police station
          • could reveal them
        • intel could also be automatically transferred by wearing a wiretap
          • but there would be some way for the criminals to know if someone is wearing one
        • Setting up fake deals/meetings by pretending to be member of another organization
        • Some limits to what undercover cops can do (eg. penalties for killing cops) that could reveal them to the criminals
    • Taking pictures of criminal activity eg. drug deals, cocaine farms etc.
      • R* has already implemented the code to make this possible (eg. paparazzi missions in V)
  • Search warrants:


  • How they would work
    • like entering apartments work now but police could enter the apartment without the owner’s permission
      • Police would need to make application for eg. judge first
        • given only if a known high level criminal
          • intel has to be gathered first
        • (some system for the criminals to cancel applications eg. through bribing or corruption)
    • Ideal goal is to barge in during a meeting/ when other criminal activity is happening
      • leading maybe to a shootout / arrests
    • If no one is there, ability to wiretap the place
      • In practice the police player chooses between (most likely predetermined) hiding spots and from then on eg. if meetings are held/other criminal activity is done inside that interior, police automatically gets that intel
        • Countermeasure: criminals could walk around the apartment, find the wiretap and destroy it
          • eg. similar to going close to a drink in the apartment and pressing a button to drink it


Contract Players (players that haven’t joined any organization or law enforcement)



  • The familiar online experience
  • Pros on being contract player
    • All the money you earn is automatically yours
    • less long term consequences for your actions, no heat level
  • Cons on being outsider
    • The big money is in the organizations
  • On hiring contract players
    • Pros for organizations
      • they have less intel on the organization
      • one-time payment
    • Cons
      • eg. could be more prone to snitching, since they have less to lose doing it





  •  Criminal activity and organization position would not be publicly available automatically
  • Making something like being a mob boss and chief of police at the same time possible
    • intel needs to be gathered
      • if criminality discovered, police path becomes unavailable
        • if already police, you are demoted or fired
  • intel about player would disappear over time
  • When there is intel about the player:
    • Profile would say something like eg. “Suspected* Leader of the [insert organization name here eg. Escobar Cartel]”
      • (*depending on the amount of intel)


All this would allow for dynamic player-created stories consisting of betrayals, corruption, rises and falls of Organizations + more. (= in summary, more interesting gameplay loop)


If you liked any of these Ideas, You can help their chance by Submitting them to R* here:



Or Comment below Your thoughts and Improvement Ideas


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