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What's The Final Mission?

JaeDan 101

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Technically the final mission is "On A Pale Horse", however this isn't really a mission, it's just a name they gave to the end of the game and is completed automatically after you play the last actual mission. That last actual mission is called "A Civilized Man" and begins in Escalera after you complete the previous mission "Mother Superior Blues".


So yeah, after you complete the game and save it'll say "On A Pale Horse" as the last mission in your save slot, but the last thing you actually do will be the mission "A Civilized Man".

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1 hour ago, JaeDan 101 said:

oh okay, so i finished all of the missions i can now relax

If John is (ending spoilers)



a zombie


Then you're done :D 

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2 hours ago, ROCK.STAR.GAMER said:

Never finished undead nightmare was it good? 

Yes! Also you can comfortably 100% it in like 12 hours (or a few more if you take your time) or just do the main story in less than half that time, it's a very short game.

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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8 hours ago, JaeDan 101 said:

im having trouble in the "Undead Hunter" challenge. I can't kill an undead bear using a torch. How do i do it?


Couple tips:

- Lower its health as much as you can by shooting it first, just be careful not to kill it. As long as the final thing that kills it is the torch it counts. Try giving it a few body shots with a gun first so you don't have to hit it with the torch so many times
- It helps a lot to be on a horse, especially an undead horse since it'll have lots more health (a normal horse will normally die on the first hit from a bear, undead ones take a lot more). One of the four horses of the apocalypse is best but any undead horse will do. The bears are tall enough that you can easily hit them with the torch while riding the horse

- Once you're going for it with the torch just keep moving riding around it swiping at it. When it's health is quite low it'll start running away instead of attacking for a while so the horse also helps to keep up with it


Have you killed the cougars and wolves with a torch yet? The wolves are ok because you can just attack them on foot, it's pretty easy to avoid being killed by them since they don't hurt you that much with each bite and you can always jump on your horse to move away and recover a bit. I would give them a body shot with a weaker gun and then just keep hitting them with the torch.


The cougars though....first they're quite hard to find (I usually look on the road that goes along the river between Solomon's Folly and Plainview, or in Rio Bravo on the slopes north of Fort Mercer). If you can find them in an open area eg Great Plains even better though. Then they can kill you fast (usually takes two hits) so again you want to be on a horse. My method is to give them two body shots with the cattleman revolver (being careful not to kill them) while riding a horse, then they'll be injured and start running away so you have to be quick and chase them and just try to hit them with the torch when you can. Sometimes it can be easier to jump off the horse to hit them with the torch since they're small and hard to hit when on the horse but you have to be careful not to lose them since they run away fast. This is by far the hardest thing in the game imo, just takes a lot of trying and patience.


Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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