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Insurgent pickup custom turret question


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Wich gun is better for destroying cars , planes , players  ? I know the stock is stronger but the 50 cal minigun is faster

Edited by Martin1593
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Well as you know which one does more damage... which one are you more accurate with? That'd be your better option. :) 

The .50 has more per-bullet recoil but a slower rate of fire to preserve some of the muzzle lift. 
The Minigun (which wouldn't be a .50 anyway even if the game calls it that, it's either .308 / 7.62 NATO or 20mm) does do less damage but has a much higher rate of fire, and that alone can cause accuracy issues. 

Personally I left the stock option on.

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I tested this in the past on some different targets.

The stock gun does a lot more damage per second against aircraft, the Avenger and the MOC cab, like 50% faster.

I don't remember the result against my Pegasus Insurgent, I think it was the same, or better from the stock gun.

As for regular cars, they take the same amount of time to be "destroyed", but with the minigun they blow up, with the stock gun they carch fire and shut down.

Against people, depends on your aim. Stock gun is not one hit kill for all targets, so you may prefer minigun and spray for headshots.

I think the minigun has more recoil than stock though, and I keep mine stock, as I mostly use it in heist setups to bring down helicopters.

Edited by AirWolf359
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