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Obtaining NPM Infernus


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After some fiddling around and testing I've found it's possible to obtain the Infernus at the North Point Mall with no cheats or platform specific functions ie replays. Maybe this has already been found but I couldn't find any posts about it so here you go, feel free to spend 5 minutes obtaining a vehicle you could steal off the street in 5 seconds.



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Nice video. How did you discover the walls of the mall had this property, or rather, how did you know to look there?

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Initially my plan was to use the roof of the NPM to get the Infernus out; it’s been known for a while that the outer roof on the second tier of the NPM isn’t solid, so if you could manage to get the Infernus up there, you could clip through it into grey hell.




By using one of these planters on the ground floor to get to the second level, and then another on the second level you could feasibly bump the Infernus off them in order to get it out however this was extremely luck based as you’d have to get the Infernus to the second level without damaging it too much, navigate around the second level then get a good bump off the second planter which again is luck based. I managed to pull it off 2 or 3 times, but it definitely wasn’t reliable - factor in you’d get at most 4/5 bumps before the Infernus is smoking/on fire, constantly having to get another Infernus, avoiding police and pedestrians etc made me just write that idea off.


I still wanted to find a consistent method for getting the Infernus, and I knew the rear wall on the inside of the food courts was not solid, and with the opening between counter and roof seemingly being wide enough, I started trying to use one Infernus wedged on a table as a ramp to get another Infernus through the gap. I still think that method would be possible, but again not really viable.


When you’ve been stunting in VC for 14 odd years you generally have a better understanding of how vehicle mechanics work; there are stuck methods which involve getting a vehicle stuck on the edge of a building/object and using it as a ramp to bump off, and after realising the dining tables were pretty easy to get stuck on, I figured it was worth a shot. Vice City mechanics are really weird as obviously cars don’t naturally clip through walls, but when they’re in the “stuck” state they start disregarding that altogether and will start clipping through floors, walls, etc. It can be kind of fiddly and often vehicles will pop back out of the stuck state, but overall it’s relatively easy. Similar methods can be used to get unique vehicles, such as clipping the EP/FP Hotring out of the stadium, and if there’s something to get stuck on you could arguably clip through just about any wall in the game.


Overall it’s a totally pointless endeavour, but then again people do “true 100%” runs of the game or set themselves arbitrary goals when playing, so I figured why not go for it. It’s nice that after 18+ years of the game, new methods/glitches can be discovered.



Edited by Blaze
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LMAO @ the carjacker ped just spontaneously deciding to steal the extremely stuck car only to somehow disappear.


For reasons unknown I used to think you could just drive the Infernus out through the mall's doors, thinking it would fit even though I never even tried.

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13 hours ago, AIcatraz said:

Intresting, too bad the Infernus doesnt have any special properties, so it isnt that useful 😧

Yeah, it's a shame there's nothing actually unique about it, it's just nice to finally find a way to obtain something that for 18+ years has been considered unobtainable legitimately (or for all platforms atleast).

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Not strictly related to the video but I like what I see of your channel, reminds me of the old school machinima style GTA videos. Plus it's Vice City mainly so that's a bonus as far as I'm concerned


Also your voice is way deeper than I imagined lmao

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