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Problems with Legendary Beaver parts, need help

Frag Maniac

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Hunting this animal at first seemed difficult, as it did not appear right out in the open after tracking it across the river, like it does now every time. I say every time because I've had to reload my manual save before hunting it about 3 times now because of problems with vendors. The Fence is no trouble, as he will craft me the talisman from it's tooth to slow weapon degradation. The trappers however are another story. The one nearest the beaver's lair will buy the pelt and carcass, but when I go to buy the beaver hat, it says he lacks the ingredients, despite the recipe requiring only 1 perfect beaver pelt, which I just sold him.


So I tried another trapper, this time in Saint Denis. At his shop my perfect pelt doesn't even show in the sell menu, and when I carry the carcass over to him, he starts raving about some great gloves he can make with them. He bought the carcass, but in his Buy menu, there's literally NO gloves shown made of beaver I can have him craft. As for the pelt, it doesn't even show in the Sell menu, and I DID look under horse cargo. The horse was parked a ways away out on the street, but I'm not sure that should matter.


I've yet to try the other two trappers, as considering the way things have gone thus far, I was wondering if I'm experiencing a bug, so I thought I'd check here to see if anyone else has this problem. Can someone explain what is causing this and if there's any way to avoid these problems? I thought it might be that you have to wait a while for the trapper to make the hat, but then why does one's menu say after selling him the pelt he doesn't have the ingredients, and why does it not even show in the Sell menu of the other?

Edited by Frag Maniac
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OK, never mind. The hat I was looking at was for regular beaver pelts, not Legendary. And I found the Legendary beaver gloves and hat listed under the Dreamcatcher set. I'm still not sure why the Saint Denis trapper didn't show me having a Legendary pelt to sell though.

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