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My Most Immersive Moments in RDR 2 So Far

Frag Maniac

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Frag Maniac

Well it turns out I had a LOT to learn about the hunting in RDR2. I had no idea the animals themselves start out in Poor, Good, or Pristine condition, or that the key is to always study the species first with binocs or scope, which makes this condition appear (via 1-3 stars shown) even with scopes. Then it's just a matter of using one of the weapons suggested in the Compendium once studied, and using Dead Eye to assure you hit a weak spot.


At first I thought this would be too complex and laborious to enjoy, but it's really been quite fun. So much so that I spent the majority of last night's session fast traveling back and forth between the Shady Belle camp and the central Big Valley area of West Elizabeth. I chose this spot to first try to get the Legendary Buck in that region, who's antlers can be used to make a talisman that can upgrade Good condition pelts to Perfect.


The great thing about that spot is it is rich with quite a variety of wildlife.  Racoons, Boars, Wolves, Elk, Deer, Bears, Rabbits, Birds, etc. I'm starting to make a serious dent in the camp decorations you can make with them. There's also a spot on the way to the Legendary Moose and Beaver lairs and after fast traveling to Emerald Ranch from Shady Belle that has Foxes and Squirrels. I wanted to bathe in Ausenburg since Arthur is looking pretty crusty, but I always get distracted by hunting.


These and random bounty hunter ambushes are definitely the most immersive moments yet in the game for me.


Unexpected Bounty Ambush on a Mt in Big Valley



Grizzly Attack After Bagging a Pristine Deer




Edited by Frag Maniac
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