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Sean Connery Passes at 90


Recommended Posts

Mr JoeStalin
On 10/31/2020 at 11:35 PM, GhettoJesus said:

Rest in Peace, he was the original one. Some people may say that they prefer other actors doing Bond but everyone will give it to Connery that he defined the character.

True, I don't think any other Bond actors can match him

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RIP.. 2020 took so many lifes.. stop please. I'm not sure how many celebrities died during this year but I don't think there were ever more. Sometimes I check wikimeters deaths stats my month and year. I like comparing stats but nowadays it's almost impossible because of 1m deaths of covid-19 and other factors.

Edited by cpone10
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As mentioned in the movies section, a lifelong Bond fan here too and certainly a large part down to Sean Connery's efforts. But not just of course, Indiana Jones, The Rock, The Untouchables and more. Many great roles in some of my favourite flicks. 


RIP, Mr Bond.

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On 10/31/2020 at 9:21 AM, Rhoda said:

90 years old, illustrious career, beloved, wealthy, respected, suave, dying in his sleep in the Bahamas?


Can't be bad. Sleep well!

Yep. No one gets out alive.


Rest In Peace and CHEERS! for what he brought to the screen.

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I was incredibly sad when I found out about the passing of Sean Connery, he was my favorite 007, but he portrayed a number of memorable characters throughout numerous films, my favorites including Marnie (by Hitchcock) and Zardoz.

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Apart from beeing an old Bond fan, the movie I mostly watched with Sean Connery would be The Name of the Rose. The book was good as well, and Connery was fitting the character I think.

Can't really remember any bad Connery movie at all. Better: Can't really remember any bad Connery character at all.

Edited by NaidRaida
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Not a huge Connery fan in general, but he was probably the #1 Bond. Highlander was big movie for me, and I also recall watching Red October in Cinema.

Will watch Zardoz again when I have time. 🤣

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