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[PC] | Global Dynamics Inc. | GTA Online - Corporate PMC Style Roleplay Crew | Hiring Now!


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Who We Are

Global Dynamics is a new Los Santos based Private Military Contractor & Technology Services Company, part of TIND - The Industrialists Group.

At GD, you’ll have the chance to build a criminal career as unique as you are, with the scale, support, inclusive culture and technology to become the best criminal version of you. And we’re counting on your unique voice and perspective to help GD become even better, too. Join us and build an exceptional experience for yourself, and a better GTA Online world for all.

Our Criminal Consulting Business offers a broad range of functional and cross-country services dedicated to providing high-value and trusted advice to clients, with a specific focus on business transformation programs in the Los Santos Financial Services industry.

What we offer

  • International multi-cultural team of highly motivated professionals to meet Thursdays & Sundays.
  • Constant personal development with a steep learning curve – a system of trainings, mentoring, counselling, and on-the-job learning
  • Modern working environment fostering mobile working flexibility
  • Access to our global GD Discord network
  • Transparent performance-based recognition and progression system
  • Acquire a fully accredited corporate MBA (GD Tech MBA) from Los Santos International Business School, whilst working with GD, completely free!

The Crew will roleplay the company operations in Los Santos, and look good doing it.


There are two available roles to start your career with GD:

  • Bodyguard / PMC Operative Role - (Officer / Team Leader / Squad Leader)

As part of our security team in San Andreas, you ensure that our customers and their information are comprehensively protected.
You will be involved in Consulting, selection and orchestration of special SAS security operations.


This Role is for the Mil-Sim players, order and discipline are the name of the game here.

You are the crew protectors, the people who protect the below Associates and the CEO of Global Dynamics from Los Santos Deadliest Gangs and Gangsters.
You will also be the driver and pilot of Associates and the CEO.
Think your up for the challenge of providing a 6-star private protection service? (Fill in the short Google Form Below to join!) 

  • Associate Role - (Junior / Senior)

To work on challenging strategic initiatives for the Los Santos Financial Services industry across banking and insurance clients
To take on high levels of responsibility and continuously challenge yourself in both client and internal work.

The Associates are the right hand men and women of the CEO of Global Dynamics, you make the company tick, whether you are out on mission for the company or one of the subsidiaries; or travelling  with the Global Dynamics CEO on mission.
You will be handy with light firearms, a dab-hand behind the wheel, have Helicopter pilot skills and more.
The Associate Role is Multi-faceted, and there are different things that come up all the time be prepared! (Fill out the short Google Form Below to Join!) 


Apply Today, to Join the Global Dynamics Crew;
Send a Request to join our GTA Crew Here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_industrialists/
Join our Discord Server here: https://discord.gg/4Y7gGnZDWM - Drop in and have a chat (we are new at the moment, so you may be the first!)

Maxim Courbiere
The Industrialists Group Chairman
CEO of Global Dynamics

Edited by NeosDumb
Re-Launch IV
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