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[RESOLVED] Installation blocked by something, any ideas?


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Trying to install the latest release on Windows 10. When I double click the install file I get an error stating that the logfile could not be created. I can click ok and go through the rest of the installation process but it always fails and there is no log to look at. It seems clear to me that something is preventing the installer from creating whatever directory it wants to create. I have no antivirus software installed other than the built in Windows Security. I have disabled everything I can think of, tried to check the permissions on the install folder, etc. I even booted into safe mode with network support and it still fails. Anyone have any ideas as to what could be blocking this install? I am able to access all folders and can write a text doc within the install folder, so I am having a hard time understanding why the installer cannot. 

Edited by youronlysin
problem solved.
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I was able to get this to install and it seems to work fine so far. After it installed on my laptop without issue, I knew the installer package was fine. It took me a couple of hours of trying different things but, in the end, I simply closed all non essential apps, windows firewall and defender, all music apps, discord...everything. Install still failed. I right clicked on the installer and put it in compatibility mode for WindowsXP Service pack 3 and the install worked perfectly. I've already opened the program and set my directory and have no issues so far. 


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