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Upgraded from GTX570 to RTX2070, crash instantly when starting story


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I upgraded from an Nvidia GTX570 to the RTX 2070 (for GREAT VR). But now, GTAV loads fine. But if you try to start story mode, after it loads and the little circle with the arrow runs, then stops when it used to show the game running., it crashes. I have to use CTRL ALT DELETE just to get back to Windows. And all it says is it stopped running. I have tried various drivers, reinstalling, Windows 7 and 10. All same results.


I cannot be the only one with this oddball problem. I have adjusted all video settings, scaling them back and up. I have been into PC gaming since the '80s when you had to configure it in DOS before Windows was even out. I had this problem once before with GTA4 but do not remember how I fixed it. Now GTA4 won't even run. What am I overlooking?


Any help is GREATLY appreciated. I have searched all over, but all I can find is 5 year old posts and none of their solutions have worked. How can GTAV hate a RTX2070? It is a very high end card that should not have these problems. I have had it since Feb 2019 and everything else works fine.

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Have you tried uninstalling (clean, DDU) and reinstalling your nVidia drivers?

Also, what power supply, motherboard, cpu and Ram have do you have?

Also, RTX2070 can run GTA V at such high framerates that maybe the CPU can not keep up, or it reaches the game's engine limit (188fps). Try setting a frame limit of 180fps.

Edited by AirWolf359
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Have you had any problems running any other games?

I'm guessing that because you upgraded from a gtx 570 to a rtx 2070 the other componants in your system will be slightly older hardware, GTA is a CPU intensive game so as Airwolf suggests it may just not keep up with the quantity of frames the 2070 is pinging at it. And as suggested setting a frame limit would solve this.

My gut feeling was maybe the PSU did not have the required Wattage to run the system stable with the upgraded GPU.

Please share your other specs.

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