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Write Your Own Adventure: (3DU Liberty City)


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Welcome to WYOA! This is a collaborative effort/fanfiction that anyone can take part in, where you get to either come up with new characters and backstories and write them down here, or you can continue on with a pre-existing character's storyline. Think of it as a collaborative pulp novel where any of the storylines can clash with one another or go independent from each other. As long as a common aesthetic is maintained you are free to write as you please.


The theme for this edition of WYOA is Liberty City in the 3D Universe.


(I'm not so sure about the rules so if a Mod can come up with something that would be great.)


Have fun!

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(I'll start :ph34r:. If this is bog standard feel free to remove it, I won't take offence lol I guess its the effort that counts) 


Liberty City, 1998


The Gentleman's Club, St Mark's, Portland


Normally Salvatore Leone would find solace taking in the view of the Portland Harbour. The cool breeze that carried with it the scent of salt that evoked memories of the Old Country, the mesmerizing flight of the gulls, the steady rhythm of the  waves beating on the sands; it comforted him even and especially when he dwelled on the events of Las Venturas six years ago, something that threatened to overwhelm him if he wasn't careful


He never should have trusted that two bit shmuck from Los Santos


But the view from the spacious balcony in his lavish abode that also served as a bar and the conference room of the most important members of the Leone Family (with him at the head of the table as their leader, naturally) always soothed him and made him forget his cares, if only for a while


This time though the pressure seemed to be getting to him. 


The Leone Family's reputation had taken a huge hit after that daring heist right under their noses in Venturas. It had caused the Leones to abandon all interests they had there and Salvatore had to make an ignoble retreat to Liberty City (he did make sure to send his most trusted lieutenant Toni Cipriani, a man he had special affection for and whose father and himself went way back, to take care of the man who masterminded that Caligula job but last he heard the hit made a lot of noise and Toni had gone into hiding, and he could not establish whether Toni had done what he was supposed to do.) 


All things considered the Leones were doing okay in Liberty. They still retained a firm grip over Harwood and Saint Mark's, their protection and prostitution rackets

were still rolling in the dough and the Union business was doing good (until now) but Salvatore knew he was missing something vital, something needed above all if he wanted to be the top dog in Liberty




The Leones were treated with disdain by the gangs in Liberty after that mess six years ago. Be it the Triads, the Diablos or whoever the shmucks that thought they exerted influence over the streets, they all preferred to do business with the Sindaccos. That weasel Paulie, head of the Sindaccos, grew bolder every day and the skirmishes on Leone turf seemed to get more frequent as the days went on, and it seemed that Leone blood was always spilled a little more. As the Sindaccos grew more powerful, the Forellis grew more desperate to regain their decade-ago position as the top power in the city (a position they were further slipping from ever since they took their own hit down south) and it seemed the Leones were bearing the brunt of their attacks too, and though they were repelled relatively easier this two pronged attack was taking it's toll on the family. 


Salvatore also suspected he had moles in his lair, too often the Sindaccos knew where to hit and when it would hurt most. This hurt him, he couldn't stand betrayal after all that had happened, he felt he was Jesus surrounded by a pack of Judas'


But that was not all


The Sicilian Mafia, led by his own uncle (that slimy bastard) were rumoured to be coming in an attempt to broker peace among the warring families. Salvatore knew better though, and he hated himself for the shiver that ran down his spine when his mind raced and images of hostile takeover and being crushed like a rat came forth


And the Union strikes Salvatore had helped instigate? That Jane Hopper had turned out to be another Judas (why was it he attracted them like moths to a flame, Salvatore couldn't help lament) and the strikes had gone out of control. Salvatore had tried to put his foot down but she was a persistent bitch, and if he didn't come up with a solution things could get nasty


Perhaps, Salvatore mused, what he needed was a break to get his mind off things. He hasn't seen his son Joey in a while, the lad was growing into a legitimate businessman in his own right though Salvatore wished he would pay more attention to the family, but he didn't grudge him for it. Maybe it was time to pay his son a visit


Salvatore then brought his attention to another curious bit of information that had momentarily slipped from his mind. His own informant in the Sindaccos, Joseph Daniel O'Toole (he didn't seem to be as effective as the moles that wretch Paulie had but beggars couldn't be choosers) had seeked out a meeting with him promising to deliver information that would bring a smile to his face. Salvatore suspected O'Toole was still trying to get himself a plum position in the Leone Family one day, frustrated as he was against the Sindaccos for not truly accepting him for his mixed heritage, and doubted the real worth of this information. Salvatore knew he would never accept a Judas in his family either, but perhaps it wasn't a bad idea just hearing him out


The Union issue kept nagging at Sal's mind. Maybe he didn't bring his foot down hard enough. Perhaps he needed to try one last attempt at coercion


Sal flicked a finger and from the corner of his eye he spotted Mickey Hamfist, the one man he still trusted in his family of snakes (not counting the absent Toni) enter the room and stand obediently outside the balcony, awaiting his orders


Salvatore thought about it for a minute


What should he order Mickey to do? 


A) Take him to Joey's place. It's been too long since he's seen his son and it could take his mind off things


B) Arrange a meeting with O'Toole to find out what he knows


C) Ask him to make one last phone call to Union boss Jane Hopper to see if she backs down this time

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Big Fat Paulie

Liberty City, 1998

Francis International Airport, Shoreside Vale


Matt Yamizaki had to admit he had it surprisingly good here in the city.


He grew up in the Torrington neighborhood for all twenty-one years of his entire life, his family had been there ever since his grandparents came over from Japan after the war. For Matt, Liberty City was his home and he would do anything to defend the old neighborhood, especially now that it had become a major commercial hub in the city.


Torrington was split between two major gangs, the Yakuza and the Sindacco Family. Naturally, the young man rolled with the former. Thankfully, there wasn't too much beef between them. They both had a mutual interest in protecting the area and keeping out any riff-raff who'd be bad for business and both had plenty of mutual enemies. 


Driving down the Shoreside Vale Lift bridge in his sleek Stinger, Matt decided to sit back a little bit in his plush seat, crank up the volume and jam to some techno rave anthems on Rise FM as he made his way to the airport. He had stayed up all night for some confidential business matters and now did everything he could to stay alert and awake. All he had was energy drinks and loud music for now, there was no way he'd show up to pick up his boss's niece tweaked out on speed.

"I gotta visit that Planetarium club one of these days. Might even head over this weekend."


Driving up to the front terminal of the airport, the young sharp-dressed man sat in his car and waited for her to arrive. Deciding to turn down the volume and roll down the windows, he craned his head towards the passenger side only to be greeted by the sight of bright florescent lights and a bunch of random schmucks shuffling in and out like a bunch of zombies or mindless droids carrying their bags in and out, but the crowds seemed a lot fewer in number and a lot quieter. Too quiet for his own comfort, to be completely honest.


"I can't believe this. Normally the airport is jumping mad and bustling with people. Was there some kind of storm or something? Did Yuka make it?"


Thankfully, Matt lucked out. Walking out the front door was a young Japanese teenager in the typical old-school sailor fuku school uniform with a bright lilac purple backpack, she couldn't be any older than fifteen or maybe sixteen. This was the person who he was sent to pick up, Yuka Kasen, the one and only niece of Asuka Kasen herself.


The nervous-looking teenager approached the passenger side of the car, bowing as a greeting.


"Yamizaki-sama? You're the one Oba sent to take me to her place?"


Matt smiled and took note of her accent. Yuka knew English quite well, but it was obvious she was brushing up on it before she left for the United States. 


"That's right. Hop on in and I'll take you straight there." 


The girl threw her backpack behind the passenger's seat and quickly buckled up, sighing a bit with a hint of comfort when she noticed the soft plush seats. Driving away from the airport and noticing the awkward silence, the young Yakuza underling decided to break the ice with some small talk.

"So, how long are you going to be stateside?"


" Four years at least, Yamizaki-sama. Kyoto's not safe right now."


"Sorry to hear that. Well, I'm glad you were able to make it here safely then. I'm sure your aunt and uncle will be glad to see you. And feel free to call me Matt. Things are a lot more laid back here than you think. I mostly go with the formalities only on business or when I'm around your aunt, since she is my boss."


"She is? What kind of work do you do for Oba?"


"I'm a personal assistant mostly. I help out around the house, I keep track of business meetings, and I drive her and any other employees around when she needs me to. It's a decent gig."


"Asuka told me that Yuka's a civilian and is not privy to certain things. I can't let her find out that her aunt and uncle are yakuza. As far as she's concerned, they're just two typical businessmen and I'm just some schmuck who works for her company."


After some careful driving and narrowly avoiding the morning rush hour while his mind was racing over all this, he finally reached his destination. The sun was now fully up over the horizon as the Yakuza Stinger pulled up to the apartment in Newport. The car's passenger stepped out, carrying her things and bowing before she left.


Taking a very deep breath and a sigh of relief, Matt Yamizaki slowly drove back to his little apartment in Torrington, hoping to finally get some rest.



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I meant to edit my post not quote I didn't mean to double post

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                                                                                   Shore Side Vale, 2001         


                    It was right after Claude had rescued Maria from Catalina in Shoreside Vale, they could finally relax knowing Catalina was out of the picture. "I can't believe you actually went through all that just to save me" she said. Claude replied "After what you did for me in Portland I would do anything for you. Salvatore was gonna kill me and you let me it know it was a set up which saved my life." They start walking to his car and they decide to go out for the night.

                       They go to the Old School Hall in Portland where there is a party and start settling in. They meet Asuka there and all get drunk together, eventually it is time to leave. Claude and Maria say goodbye and start walking out to the car. Before they get in Claude says "I always knew you deserved better than Salvatore. Whenever I was at his house to do missions he was always mean to you and yelled at you." Maria looked slightly affectionate yet backed off a bit. "I just don't think I'm ready to move on yet cause we were together for a long time. I know we do things for each other but I see us as friends honestly." Claude had a blank look on his face and pauses for second. He leans in and tries to kiss her but she politely refuses. "Please just take me home I'm tired." 

                          Claude is trying to hide the pain he is feeling and tries to make casual talk with Maria on the drive. Out of nowhere a group of Diablos start shooting at his car, and large number of them are lined up down the street. Maria starts screaming "Oh my god after all this we are gonna die anyway!" It was a planned attack as Diablos are lined up down the block but Claude speeds up and drives out of Hepburn Heights unharmed with Maria. Maria is in shock and exclaims "Oh my god how did we survive that? They must have shot at us a hundred times!" Claude replies "This is actually a bulletproof car I got from my friend for helping him." Maria is shocked and says "No way are you serious!? A bullet proof car that is so cool!" He says "Yea my friend Ray was a former agent and I helped him out so he gave me this bullet proof Patriot with some other things too." Maria is so impressed by this she is turned on and starts blowing him. Claude was very relieved cause the night had not gone his way to that point.

                       After they finish up they go back to Claude's safehouse where Maria left her car. "Well I better get going. Whatever just happened was a one time thing" she says. Claude seems okay with everything and says goodbye. Maria turns to leave but then notices all the floating spinning weapons outside his safehouse. "Oh my god you have all the weapons here! Did you collect all the hidden packages?" Claude says "Yea it took a long time but it is convenient to have them now." Maria is stunned by this. "Did you use the youtube video that shows you where they all are or you found them yourself?" She asks. Claude knows he used the youtube video to find them all but they are both drunk so he doesn't really care. "I found them all my self" He proclaims. Maria once again is very impressed and gets turned on by Claude. They start making out and they go in his safehouse and keep hooking up.

                    The next day Maria hangs out with Asuka and they lay out by the pool by her apartment. She hasn't told Asuka about hooking up with Claude yet because she is considering reporting it as rape just because she feels like it. She knows whatever story she tells Asuka first is the one she must stick with. Asuka keeps bringing up how she is still sad about her brother's passing. Maria weighs this in on her decision and decides it's best not to create anymore drama so she decides not to make a big deal about it.


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Should I make a WYOU for the HD Universe version of Liberty City as well?

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It's a normal day for Claude in Staunton Island. He is in his safehouse when Salvatore calls him and he answers and it sounds urgent. "Claude I need to send some e-mails to to the union workers I've been dealing with. I don't have a computer and I know you have a membership card at the tw@ internet cafe I need to use your guest pass."

       Claude starts pleading saying he had plans to hang out with friends he hadn't seen in a while. Salvatore replied "I'm sorry but this important you're gonna have to help me." Claude sighed reluctantly. He said "Fine but can you tell Joey to hang out with me cause he never invites me when him and Luigi or Toni hang out. He never answers my calls." Salvatore claims he will mention it to Joey.

         Salvatore picks up Claude and they arrive at the internet cafe. They sign in at the front desk and Salvatore gets his guest pass. He gets on the computer and says "Ok I just need to send a few e-mails and I will be done." Claude gets on another computer and signs on his instant messenger but he doesn't have many friends and none of them are online.

          Claude thinks Salvatore is taking too long and goes to check on him. "Claude look at this website I'm on I'm buying and ordering all these illeagle drugs. Do you mind if I send them to your house? I didn't know you could do this in the internet." Claude gets upset becuase he's signed on his account and doesn't want to get in trouble. He mentions how much he needs his internet cafe membership and can't afford to lose it. "It's okay I will just send them to Joey's place because it would be risky to order them to my house."

          He exits out the internet and sees people who got shot on the screen. Claude is confused and asks what is that. Salvatore says "I had pictures of some gang members we killed and I set them as the screensaver for the computer haha." Claude is upset and and can't believe it. One of the workers over hears this and comes to look at what is going on. "Are you seriously using our computers for that kind of stuff?!?" The worker starts going through his internet tabs and see the drugs he was ordering. 'I'm sorry Claude but we're gonna have to revoke your membership this is unacceptable." Claude tries pleading his case that it was his guest and not him. The worker says "Sorry you are responsible for what he does in here." 

           They leave the cafe and Claude is upset in the car saying know he can't talk to his friends on instant messenger. Salvatore tries to make hin feel better saying he'll tell Joey to add him on Facebook messenger cause he is always on it and they can chat together. Claude is sad because Joey told him he doesn't have Facebook. Salvatore says "When I get home I'll make sure he adds you and I'll tell him when he hangs out with the guys he has to invite you." Claude is upset about everything that happened and losing his membership,

 but the thought of Joey extending his friendship to him makes him feel better.

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Grand Theft Tanks 2

¿Alguien quiere ver mi edición de pintura?




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On 2/13/2022 at 2:37 AM, Grand Theft Tanks 2 said:

¿Alguien quiere ver mi edición de pintura?

  Reveal hidden contents



First. the image is empty.

Second, what are you doing on a writing thing posting pictures unprompted?

Third, do you even understand how a forum works???

Fourth: Leave.

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Francesco Bonomo

Shoreside Vale, 2001


"It's been a long time since I step foot here."


50 year old Tommy Vercetti exits the Francis International Airport and into his caravan of luxury security cars. Two galaxy blue Sentinels and a black Stretch. With him, is his wife of 15 years, Juliana Franco-Vercetti, and their 14 year old son, Anthony "Tony" Vercetti II; Named after Tommy's father. On this cold November day, the winds were rough and the sky was covered in gray clouds. Indicating that it will rain later on. Driving out of the Airport and onto the Shoreside Lift Bridge, they hit traffic. 


"Remind me again why we came all the way up here?" Asked Juliana who spoke with a slight Cuban accent.

"I'm here to bury a friend. Also, this is the perfect moment to show my son where I came from. Give you a bit of my background." Tommy responded as he drank his scotch. 


After Tommy finished his drink, he ordered the chauffeur to take him and his family to Marco's Bistro in Portland. 


After the hour long trip to the restaurant due to traffic, the Vercetti family enter the famed Marco's Bistro. The host, an Italian man wearing way too much cologne, tends to them.


"Welcome to Marco's Bistro. You came at a good time. Our special today is Ossobuco."

Tommy smiles "I haven't had that since 1971."

"1971? Where have you been, Sir?" The Host asked Tommy out of curiosity.

"I was in prison from '71 to '86. Then I was sent to Florida after I got out." Tommy doesn't like telling this story.


The Host now looks at Tommy differently. He grabs three menus from under the podium and guides the family to their table after saying-


"Right this way, Mr. Vercetti."


Jualiana, curious as to how telling that quick story made the Host realize who Tommy was, starts asking her own questions.


"What was that?"


"You never said your name but he knew somehow. Can you explain that to me?"

Tommy takes a deep breath in then exhales "Babe, I was someone in this city. Even before going to prison, I was someone here."


Tony always looked at his father with admiration and was always curious about his fathers past. He took this opportunity to finally ask some questions.


"Who were you, Dad?"

"You know those movies they make about the Mob in Liberty City?"

"Like Badfellas?"

"Just like Badfellas. That was my life. And this restaurant, was my second home. I grew up in this neighborhood with two hard working Italian immigrants as my parents. My father, your grandfather, Tony Vercetti the First, used to work at a print works in Trenton not far from here."

"Like Uncle Earnest?"

"That's right. But I lived a different life. I wasn't very smart and chose to stay in the streets. I didn't have a lot of opportunities educate myself and we were poor. So I made money in a different way."


Behind Tommy was a familiar voice exclaiming "The Harwood Butcher himself! In the flesh."

Tommy, without turning his head, says "Hey, Lips. I see you're still here."

"Tommy Fu*cking Vercetti! I can't believe you're here. I was wondering when you would make your way here after killing Sonny."


Juliana and Tony's expression changed from curious to terrified. To them, Tommy was just a business man. A man from out of town who worked hard to start his own conglomerates. Vercetti Real Estate, Vercetti Entertainment, Vercetti Autos and so on. He always hid his more violent nature from this family. As far as they were concerned, Tommy was a teddy bear. But they see him in a different light today.


"So what you doing here, Tommy? Came to take over the restaurant now? Or maybe finish what you started?" Lips slurs his words a little, proving that he fell of the wagon and is drinking heavily again. He was sober a long time.

"I'm here to bury a friend, Lips. And taking a drive down memory lane." Tommy, unbothered, tells Lips as he sips on red wine.

"Who you burying? Friend of ours?"

"That's for me to know and for you to find out."


Lips is noticeably aggravated at Tommy. He stances himself in a way that maybe he wants to fight Tommy. Yet Tommy is unbothered by this; angering Lips even further.


"You just wait here, Butcher. I'll be right back." Says Lips to Tommy.

Tommy takes a sip of his red wine "Have a nice trip, Mike"


Lips leaves and Tommy excuses himself and goes to the bathroom. There, he takes out his cellular phone from his pocket and makes a phone call.


"Everything in place?"


A sudden explosion is heard from the parking lot of the Bistro.


"Give my regards to your father."


Tommy returns back to his table to find both Juliana and Tony scared and confused.


"What was that?" Screamed Juliana.

"My friend. May he rest in peace." Tommy said with a cold tone in his voice. "Now let's eat."

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slimeball supreme

2001 - BEFORE 9/11

The waiter came to the table at the 'Marco's Bistro' with a very solemn frown on his beautiful face. "I am so sorry for the delay, Mr. Vercetti. Someone's car exploded in the parking lot and they died in the explosion."


"Oh... I know," Tommy said smirkingly as his Wife and Son looked on with what was now again an expressions of confusion on their face.


"Yes. You probably heard the explosion. It was just now."


"I hate it when that happens and people die in a way like that." Tommy chuckled. "So how about that Ossobucco?"




"You mentioned the Ossobucco was the special."


"That was not me. That was the host."


"Oh, my mistake. You are both dressed in waiter clothes."




Tommy did not acknowledge the Host's further requests because he did not want to seem perilous to his family members. His Son was watching him too scrutably. Tommy turned to his Wife and asked her about the difference between a host and maitre d' and just a waiter. She was from Cuba, her family having been summarily executed by the Castro dictatorship, so she didn't know. She said so with a lovely Cuban accent: "I'm your Wife."


"I love that. We are ready to order."


The Host came over to the table from up the stairs and said "I just heard that. What would you like to order for your delicious meal?"


They ordered the Italian food. "I would like two succulent Osso Bucco's with a side of Fettucine Alfredo and a Garlic Bread too please. And my Wife will have a salad."


The Host gave a delectable smile. Tommy soon realized he forgot to let his son order and told him he would share the Garlic Bread and asked for Italian kids meal, which the Host obliged.


As the Host left, the Son looked at Tommy and sighed. "I did not know you were a gangster and murderer. I was under the assumption you were a businessman."


Tommy put a hand on his loving Son's shoulder. "Well, it was a long story. I was sent to prison for murdering eleven men in Harwood, and sentenced to 15 years. I did not even snitch or rat. Luckily, when I was released, my boss Sonny Forelli - who is related to Lips, the man who died in the car explosion just now - sent me to Vice City, Florida for a lucrative cocaine deal. The deal went awry and everyone present died except me, an African American named Lance Vance, and my lawyer Ken Rosenberg (Who is Jewish). On my quest to discover who sabotaged the drug deal, I met a variety of eccentric characters. One of them was a Colombian cartel boss named Ricardo Diaz, who happened to be the culprit behind the set up. After killing him with Lance, I decided to take over Vice City myself and become it's boss. I went into a variety of businesses and met all sorts of individuals who I subsumed into my criminal empire. Unfortunately, Sonny was upset because I had essentially separated from his organization. He came to Vice City and revealed the Harwood incident was actually a setup to have me killed, and Lance Vance also joined up with him. I killed all of them and have been living it up with my loving Family ever since."


His Wife, drinking an exorbitant amount of red Italia wine, sighed. "I had no idea about this." Tommy thought his wife was turning red in anger but it was actually the Liberty City Paramedic lights outside the bistro. He sighed of relief.


"Sorry." Tommy said. "I kept this backstory of mine secret from you because I was ashamed I killed so many people."


Son asked "Did you kill the man who was being rude earlier? Lips?"


Tommy implicationally smirked. "Haha lol."


"I see you in a new light Tommy" Wife said. "Are you the man I married?"


"I had to do what I had to do to survive."


The Host came over with the meals. "Your fresh Italian Food, family!"


"Excellent" Son said.


Oh the meals were so tasty at the restaurant. The Host scrumptiouslly placed the plates around individually in front of the diners at their table. He smiled. "Enjoy the Italian Food."


They began to eat the meals. "I will say that despite your checkered past my opinion of you hasn't changed for the worse despite my previous terrified demeanor" the Son said.


Tommy was eating his Italian Foods. "Thanks"


Suddenly, both Son and Wife began choking on the Italian food. Their faces turned purple and they wheezed before collapsing onto the ground.


Sad music began to play as they started convulsing and whatnot on the floor. Tommy ignored his Son and focused on his Wife's elegant face as the life slowly drooped from her eyes into a metaphorical puddle on the ground.


The Firefighters from outside came in after extinguishing the car fire and felt his Son's pulse. "I'm sorry Mr. Tommy Vercetti. Your family is dead."


Tommy screamed "No!" For the first time in years, he was wifeless.


2001 - AFTER 9/11

In the perilous rocks of the Mountains, Tommy Vercetti finished meditating.


He stepped off of the rocks, his giant beard flowing down beneath his chest. His teal Monk robes pressed against the snowy mountains. In his hands he clutched a book, 'The Existential Thoughts' by Angelo Philosophy. It had given him so much insight into life.


Tommy had devoted his life to becoming a spiritual man of Buddha after the passing of his Wife and Son. He had absconded with his businesses to his presently unnamed deuteragonist and gone to live at the Tiger's Nest monastery in the mountains of Bhutan's Paro Valley. He looked at the Mountains in the distance and was pensive at their peaks. It made him think of life. He admired it. How it could slip through your fingers...


He stepped down into the monastery proper. The Buddha Monks were all doing their Buddhism related religious things in the ways they typically do them. "I have been so inspired lately." Tommy said to one of the Monks in Chinese. The Monks only spoke Dzongkha however and did not understand him, preferring he spoke English as some of the Monks had passing familiarity with it. This was the most frustrating part about living in the monastery, as well as the fact Tommy could no longer do pizza delivery or the other things he loved to do in Vice City. He wished he had not bothered to learn Chinese.


Suddenly, while Tommy was getting ready to ready another philosophy book and contemplate American foreign policy, the doors of the monastery burst open.


The Courier ran directly to Tommy and hugged him sensually. "I have come all the way from America to deliver you a plot letter"


Tommy spat out his cereal. "Let me see!"


The note was unfurled and all the Monks gathered to read it.


By god! Transcribed in the letter was the reveal as to who had poisoned Tommy's meals and killed his Wife and Son of 15 years.


It was...


A - Carl CJ Johnson

B - Catalina from GTA 3 and San Andreas

C - Sonny Forelli, back from the Grave

D - Osama Bin Laden, perpetrator of 9/11

E - The Courier

F - ...Tommy?!

G - Wife had committed suicide

H - Jiang Zemin, President of the People's Republic of China and pioneer of the important thought of Three Represents

I - Mike Lips, who had cleverly predicted he was going to die in a car bomb

J - Chunky Lee Chong

K - Devil

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On 3/2/2022 at 9:38 AM, slimeball supreme said:

Tommy implicationally smirked. "Haha lol."


Reminds me of another short story back in the day here. 



2001. Concurrent. 


Mike Lips had watched his body-double climb into the Esperanto. It wasn't hard to find a rotund man who needed five bucks, and all he'd done is told the guy "Walk down these steps like you're in a video game--step into the car, and I'll give ya five bucks for the trouble, capische?" 


The car went up; an onion of red and orange roaring as metal exploded outwards. He knew exactly who had put the hit out and pulled it off. He saw Tommy sat inside and had already made his move. He jumped on Chunky Lee Chong's back and whipped him. "We got work to do, let's go." 


"Fi'--fi'. We go now," said Lee as he galloped towards Saint Mark's Bistro. "You heavy fat man, very round."


"To the kitchen, Lee. Let us do what we came to do." 


Lee had galloped around the back and straight into the kitchen. Luckily, since the game never rendered NPCs inside blocks of code, nobody was in the kitchen. Mike had already prepped the poison. He placed the cyanide onto the first plate, then the second, but decided with a sly smile to leave the third. If this worked out then Vercetti would end up becoming an expatriate. Living his life on a mountainside attempting to find Nirvana. It was nothing shy of madness or genius depending on how people looked at it. 


Mike Lips rubbed his chubby hands together as Lee did a backflip and sharpened a knife while doing karate moves. He listened out for the screams of horror, and when his ears were satisfied, he hopped in his other car across the Portland bridge, watched the loading screen, and then proceeded on towards the next step of his plan.


Mikes Plan?


1. Blowing up City Hall

2. Becoming the head of the Forelli Family

3. Settling down in Shoreside with his husband and two kids.

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"I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings."


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