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GTA VI Story idea

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Hi, everyone. 

Lately I've been mulling over a potential story idea for the new Grand Theft Auto VI.


I was thinking maybe the time in which the story develops might be in the 1900's, when the American society was still developing and the criminal world was getting more complex. My ideas mainly orbit around the ghetto life (which sees a little Franklin Clinton living a rough life, trying to better it) and the Cosa Nostra organization and growth (which sees a Sicilian teenager that came to US with his uncle to improve their family's lifestyle back in Sicily, WHICH automatically involves travelling from and back US to Sicily). Maybe these two stories might meet together giving life to a more immersive, "realistic" and historical story for the new title of the GTA series.


Of course I left some frivolous details out of the brief presentation of my idea, just to avoid boring you, the reader.

Please let me know what you guys think about this.




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1900's? Might actually work for a future RDR, though not for GTA, GTA is about cars or should be in my opinion, GTA should not go further back in time than the late 70s.

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Sounds like something Mafia franchise would do 

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I must admit that I got a little confused when you mentioned Franklin but also wanted the game to take place in the 1900s. I don't think Franklin is anywhere close to being 110 years old 😂.

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I take this thread as a "concept thread" like GTA VI Logo Concept. Therefore, I post here a story I thought of.


- You play as Adam, a single 32 years old man living in Vice City. You're a security head staff for a luxurious hotel downtown.

- You have a sister, Nina, who lives near by, single.

- You do some missions for and with her, nothing big.

- One day, a hitsquad comes in the hotel, looking for someone. You manage with your men, to stop them untill the police shows up.

- Your boss Seth, a white collar criminal, saw how greatly you took care of the situation, and talks you in for some missions you'd be great at. He offers you money, a better place to stay and insure your sister's protection for it.

- From the crew you're now with, assembled by Seth, you learn that a war is on in the city, for its control. Hence the hitsquad. With them, you'll help Seth grow his businness.

- Unfortunatlly, someone in the crew was slappy, and didn't notice the police followed him to a construction site, in which you were supposed to place explosives. Some escape, some were shot, but you were arrested. You take 5 years of jailtime (you were not the one with the explosives).

- 2 years in jail and the situation outside is bad. Some people disappear, businesses are getting repossessed etc. In jail, you team up with a latin gang, since you work for Seth, you have a target in your back and need protection. Your skill are appreciated.

- Seth lost some of his activities but managed to keep a certain control. He only has a small part of the city left.

- After 5 years, you're free. However, the gang think you owe them. Seth protection is not enough against them. You're left with a choice, help Seth with his organisation to hopefully take the city, or go after Seth and give his business to the gang. 


It's not complete and I did not detailed it. I think it could work very good in the 80s or nowadays.


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