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Bigfoot Mission (Created By YGE)


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I made A Bigfoot Mission short & Horror


Want to play it ?


Here Download it Now



Story Starting with Mona is worry about Max And Johnson Try to make her calm down & told her that he is going to find him & he Finds him dead & big foot showed behind him and Disappear 

Then He Get back to his friends & he told them that Max is Dead but They Think he is make a Prank Then Chris Go Away to find him then Mona & Johnson & Sarah Decide To Get out of here 

then they hear Chris Voice Then He Fall From The Sky Then Bigfoot Step behind them & Johnson Escape from right  & Mona & Sarah Escape From Left After Mona & Sarah Escaped From Left they found a place and explore then Mona Find An Exit But She Hears Sarah Screaming Then She Go Check her Then See bigfoot Has killed here And showed behind Mona & say ''I'm behind you girl''

then he kills Mona & Sarah Then Johnson Finds the Exit & Escape


The End

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