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someone who knows how to make an enchanted image?


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35 minutes ago, Evil empire said:

I can easily resize the image but I don't know any mean to upscale the texture. 45.gif



like this https://gtaforums.com/topic/936375-vice-city-upscaled-characters/?tab=comments#comment-1071360236

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Here's a quick one:



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8 hours ago, cheems_burguer said:

bro can you help me whit a compilation of mods to fix vice city?

Uhh, there's already mods out there to fix the game.

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42 minutes ago, cheems_burguer said:

but not the prefection fix and i want make it all perfect

And how would you go about that?

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1 hour ago, Ash_735 said:

And how would you go about that?

Well, first put together the two versions of tommy bone the beta and the final version and try to see that it looks less chubby put all the textures of vrtp but for my cartoon pc you can not still use xbox cars, cleo, lbcs animations but that should have animation of swimming, climbing and running with a two-handed weapon and maybe moving while shooting, I also need upscaled guns, from the beta vice city mod I only need the clevelander files and someone makes it look the same as the vrtp but with more neon and many more things like leftovers fix, map fix, hud fix, etc. a and I also need someone to make a model and texture of m16 and someone to make this image that I edit in paint look better




Edited by cheems_burguer
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