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New player questions, need advice.


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 Hey y'all, I am very new to RDR2 and have gotten stuck too many times so far, like for instance:


We just got to Horseshoe Overlook: (on the PC)


How do I know what to do next? Is the only way to look at the map and try to guess? The journal seems to be no help at all. I'm just lost here.  Do I just go off in any direction and get paid any way I can? OR is these some story line I should be following? If so, how do I find my next objective?


I went to collect some debts for Struss and put them in the camp chest, I open the ledger (just to see it) and there was NO WAY to back out of it, it seems as if I HAD to buy something (upgrade the camp) or there was no way to close it?? That just seems stupid. OR is there a trick to close the ledger without upgrading the camp? I had to ctrl-alt-del to exit that page.


What button do I press to take my gun off my horse?? When I get up next to the horse it say to press "Tab" but when I do it just gives me my own inventory, ON the PC, what other button do I press?


I love it, but I seem to be totally lost on this game.



Any suggestions or guides to get me started on on the right track would be greatly appreciated.




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As far as what to do, on the map / radar there are white mission icons and yellow icons. Do the white ones first because they don't last forever as you progress by completing the yellow missions. There are also a bunch of random encounters that you'll come across and people that you'll meet and tons of side stuff to do. As far as the controls, they should be listed in the options somewhere and if not try a google search, I'm sure they're posted somewhere. I played with a PS4 controller on PC so I don't know the keyboard stuff. The following video if I remember correctly came out when the game released on consoles, but still gives you a good basic rundown and some tips.



Edited by DirtyWindshield
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Thanks man, it's a very confusing game at first, but I have been watching a lot of videos and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. There are so may controls it's frustrating at times.


 A proper save system would be helpful, but, it is what it is I guess.

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You are thinking too much. Rockstar's games usually have plenty of ways to get money and pretty soon you will have enough even if you upgrade camp. So do what you like to do and don't do what you don't like. If you don't like exploring you may skip sidequests marked by ? and do only story missions. On the contrary if you like exploring than postpone story missions until you explored your surroundings and done side quests and errands. If you don't care about some activity e.g. fishing then don't do it. So IMHO play the game as you want and don't overthink it.

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don't think too much, just do what you want, never look for advises on the internet on ur first playthrough (this is an advice for every singleplayer story driven game)
oh, and take ur time, no need to rush my dude

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Frag Maniac
On 10/20/2020 at 5:29 AM, RobCom said:

A proper save system would be helpful, but, it is what it is I guess.

I was a lot more upset by the save system at first, but when I found out you can manually save, it made a lot of difference. Just hit Esc, go to Story, and Save. You can keep multiple saves, but to keep things simple I just keep two manual saves and once in a while I'll use the Autosave. The Autosave is NOT the same as last checkpoint save though, so be sure to look at the time the autosave was made before using it. 


One caveat is you can never manual save while on a mission. Anytime the Save portion of the Story screen shows a lock on it, you can't manual save. It's still very helpful though to manual save before heading on a mission, or while traveling a great distance just before you arrive at a mission marker, Just don't wait until you get very close, or it may not let you.


Later on you'll have access to stagecoach robberies via the guy you and Dutch free from the Gray family (Trelawny). If you're struggling with combat controls as many do, or don't care to constantly have to use or replenish Deadeye, there is an easy way to rob the first one Trelawny tells you about in the Fort Riggs area by just talking to the stagecoach driver via the Mislead (R) option. However it's not so easy if you talk to him from the front of the stagecoach because even if you sneak to the back of it after the driver sends the two guards ahead to look for the outlaws you warn them about (and even that is not always easy to do), the guy riding on the passenger side of the coach will step down and wander toward the back.


The easy way to do it I found was waiting until the coach passes, then talk to them from behind it, then quickly dismount and sneak to the back of the coach. Just don't make the mistake of riding off the direction the coach came from like I did a couple times, as you will trigger a big deadly posse of bounty hunters from Blackwater.


That said, most regular bounty posses are only 3 to 4 guys, and if you glance at the mini map regularly while traveling on horse, you can tell when and what direction they're searching for you when red shows on a portion of it's circumference. I've gotten in the habit of using that info to quickly pick a good rock or tree to hide behind to wait. A couple of times they just stopped looking and disappeared off the map. Most times I held my ground they weren't too hard to kill. Only one time did I use Deadeye a lot, and it was because it was pretty dark. That was the most immersive battle though because I waited on the other side of a river for them in the rain. A wolf started harassing my horse and getting close. I shot and killed it, and that's ultimately what brought the bounty posse down on me.


So far I've yet to pay off any of my bounties and have amassed many, from $60 to $600. The weird thing is, having bounties on your head only affects you while out on the trail in between towns. You can generally still go into towns and do business. One town Strawberry, even had several citizens recognize me from a mission to free Micah from jail where we shot up a ton of people, yet  I was still able to do business and leave  without being attacked. The game's weird that way.


Other than that, Esc always exits you out of camp books, and the reason you only see your own inventory sometimes when using Tab near your horse is because you are in camp. The same happens in the town Rhodes, because Dutch insists the gang uses no guns and doesn't get into any trouble there. Also, the way to store weapons on your horse is to use the footlocker at the foot of your bed in camp.


There will be times you might get upset like I used to when you try to equip a certain long weapon, but can't due to where you are, or a cutscene, etc, but it typically means the mission you're about to embark on doesn't require one.

Edited by Frag Maniac
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