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Is it possible to update / repair Mid-Air AutoCorrection Disabler v1.0 by Eddlm?


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Hello, is it possible to update / repair Mid-Air AutoCorrection Disabler v1.0 by Eddlm ???






I don't know how it was with the previous game updates, but at the moment, in the latest version and game update, the horn and the on / off of vehicle sirens stop working.

Can the horn / siren be repaired while leaving the rest of the modifications in the same condition?


Is there any person here who can answer this question / repair / update this code?

Here is the mod code provided by Eddlm:



using GTA;
using GTA.Native;
using System;
using System.Windows.Forms;


public class NoAfterTouchControl : Script
    public NoAfterTouchControl()
        Tick += OnTick;
        Interval = 5000;

    void OnTick(object sender, EventArgs e)
        Vehicle veh = Game.Player.Character.CurrentVehicle;
        if (CanWeUse(veh) && veh.Model.IsCar)
            Function.Call(GTA.Native.Hash.SET_VEHICLE_OUT_OF_CONTROL, Game.Player.Character.CurrentVehicle, false,false);

    bool CanWeUse(Entity entity)
        return entity != null && entity.Exists();


Edited by Remix1994PL
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  • 2 months later...

I will try to refresh this topic one last time. Perhaps you @LeeC22 will take a look at it and know the answer - will it succeed?

Edited by Remix1994PL
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1 hour ago, Remix1994PL said:

I will try to refresh this topic one last time. Perhaps you @LeeC22 will take a look at it and know the answer - will it succeed?


I already took a look when you posted the question. Yes it is possible but you have to recreate the whole horn and siren functionality from scratch but the siren doesn't work properly. I don't know why, maybe it's game-engine code that controls it and not scripting but I couldn't make it work properly. Maybe this is why Eddlm chose not to fix it, because the amount of effort required isn't worth the end result. I spent 2 or 3 hours on it, testing and testing and testing... in the end, I gave up.


Maybe Eddlm knows how to fix it, maybe he doesn't... I don't know. All I know is that the solution I created is unreliable and that makes it a waste of time. There's no point in half-fixing something, if you can't fully fix it, it might as well stay broken.


Disclaimer: I have been drinking all day and I am drunk. There are 7 minutes to the start of a year I don't want to live through, so I apologise if anything I have said could be deemed offensive.

Edited by LeeC22
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Thanks for your answer and explanation. You have always been kind, friendly and polite to me. I've never heard a bad word from you, negative complaints or anything unpleasant or offensive. Best regards.

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  • 7 months later...

I do not know if there is anyone interested in it and if there are such people here, but I would like to write that IAmJFry did what I wrote about and you can find it on his Discord under the name Vehicle Controls (Will probably be changed)



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