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Grand Theft Auto iFruit app LSC not working


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I have encountered a problem a couple days ago with the iFruit app where when I launch LSC to customize plates and cars while LSC is loading the app suddenly crashes and that was the first time and that problem began when I switched my old phone with a brand new one,so baisclly chop is accessible but LSC is the only thing crashing the app I tried to switch platform to my PS4 and surprisingly LSC works but I want it in my PC I contacted Rockstar support and they couldn't assist me they walked me into a troubleshooting process with includes clearing data cashes and uninstalling the game and reinstalling it but that basically failed and I still faced the problem, so I went to my friend's house and suddenly the app works first I thought my app is fixed by a miracle then I realised that his internet connection was from a different ISP I went back home and I tried the app and sadly the app crashed so what I did is witch to 4G Mobile Network and the app works I tried a VPN and the app worked so baiscly if you are faiciing this problem try contacting your ISP or use VPN or Mobile Data  

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I just realesed an explanation on LSC not working in iFruit app and I forgot to mention this is not just about you phone or your internet connection a lot of players are facing this problem especially after the GTA ONLINE SUMMER DLC droping, but to be fair this was a problem that some faced before the update so it's an old problem but after 1.51 update it raised a lot and when I contacted Rockstar Support they said that they are looking into this problem 

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17 hours ago, Gunbladelad said:

Bear in mind that using LSC in the ifruit app essentially books the modifications for that vehicle the next time you drive that vehicle into LSC itself.

Yeah I know that but I am talking about private plates which cannot be acquired in game without the app


17 hours ago, Gunbladelad said:

Bear in mind that using LSC in the ifruit app essentially books the modifications for that vehicle the next time you drive that vehicle into LSC itself.

And it's not even that good of a medication app for cars because it's hard to customize you cars using it honestly I just use it for private plates

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So i've never tried this myself, but theres ways we can run the app on PC.


Theres an official app on the windows store (this surprised me a lot tbh & i have no clue if this works)



Theres ways you can run an android emulator on your pc and then install the ifruit app on that


Or you can try install Android Studio wich is the official software google intended for android development, and that comes with the best possible emulator imaginable (its sorta slow to boot but otherwise the best out there)



Once you have that set up you can install the ifruit app in the emulator simply using the google play store.


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You can run the windows store app snapped on Win10 ^ it's how I used to fiddle with things.


My iFruit LSC hasn't worked since the Summer dlc though, just crashes on load.

Edited by Gridl0k
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You know if you try and get the iFruit app from microsoft store it won't let me log in I don know why so I personally use BlueStacks on my PC to use the app

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