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Operation Endgame. A GTA V movie series

Francis Castiglione

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Francis Castiglione

Hello fellow GTA V players!  


This post is for pc players only, no offense to console players.

Well guys, the reason for this post is I am in need of some GTA V players who would be interested in being actors in a movie. Well, more than some, many actors actually. A minimum of 24.

You will need the pc version of GTA V.

This isn't for a movie that will be done later. I am looking to immediately begin filming as soon as enough actors start signing up. I'm sure you have seen just as I have the "I am looking to do a movie..." or  "I am going to do a movie..." this isn't one of those. This is a "I need actors for a movie immediately". The script has already been completed. And it is fully completed and highly detailed. The voice-overs have all already been done. The score has already been done. The background audio has already been done. The only thing needed to finish it, is enough actors to act out the scripted parts, and then editing. You may end up playing more than one character in the movie, and probably will if you sign up for more than one acting session. All the audio and voice-over is custom and separate from the filmed action sequences. And has already been completed. So you won't be asked to speak or memorize any parts of the script. If you are already familiar with Fivem, and played in it before, you are highly needed. If not, no worries, myself or others can easily guide you through it.


What is the movie about? I'm glad you asked! It is about a small group of 6 vigilantes who operate on their own outside the restrictions of the law. If you don't know what vigilante is, google it.

Where government and law enforcement are unable to take care of the citizens either due to the restrictions of the law, or sometimes incompetence, these men make sure that evil men do not succeed. To perhaps get a better idea of what this team does, a YouTube link to the first movie about this team is below. Do keep in mind, this was the first movie made, and there were a lot of mistakes made. Thankfully, not only have I learned from those mistakes, but have learned a whole lot more since then. So this next movie will be like night and day compared to that first one. Also keep in mind, the script for that first movie took about 2 days to write. The script for this movie took over 2 months. Just to give you an idea of how much more detailed and cinematic this movie will be in comparison to that one.


If you are interested in acting in what will be a most epic movie, send me a message in discord saying "I want to be an actor". I will then send you a link to the "Operation Endgame movie cast and crew" discord, and grant you the channel rights for actors and voice-overs. My discord id is:

Frank Castle "The Punisher"#5812


And no worries, I'm not a young kid just wanting and wishing to make a movie. Let's just say I'm older than the average online gamer. You will be treated with respect, courtesy, and appreciation for your time and effort. However, I wish to be respectful of everyone's time who does come to help. With that said, if you come to help, I ask there is focus and attentionto what is needed and what is being filmed, and not just goofing off. Even if I am just a big goof sometimes :)


Oh, the name of the movie I need actors for is "Operation Endgame: Judgement Day"


I look forward to hearing from you,

Frank Castle 


Here is the link to that first movie: 




Edited by Francis Castiglione
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