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Why do people on this forum hate griefers?

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Just because they play the game differently than a mindless grinder doesn’t make them bad. If any of you tried griefing you would see that it’s so much fun. If we could just accept each other’s differences this game would be a much less toxic place for everyone.

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Didn't you get blocked on here? 


Lol justifying griefing is normal.


How about I come to your house and f*ck it up? How you feel about that? That's griefing to those who are just minding their own business. Its being a dick and trying to overcompensate for a lack of something the person doesn't have.

Edited by Quinn_flower
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It's fun when you kinda suck at the game, after a while griefing is just like grinding it's just doing the same easy sh*t over and over again. Get into deathmatches with like minded players, strive to be the best among the best. I joined a dogfighting community and only do competitive dogfighting now and I will never look back. Freemode is boring. 

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32 minutes ago, RoyRogers44 said:


Ironic. Seems like indiscriminately killing and making bait topics is more mindless than grinding.



Also, I'm supposed to commend you for griefing? Why? Am I supposed to like it when you do it to me? Should I not care about basically not being able to play the game?

Edited by HamwithCheese
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Bait thread but whatever


Freeroam PvP lost its charm when it became a battle of bringing armed vehicles because they all have homing missiles, so it's not like you even have to work for your kills anymore, just get near, spam that left bumper and that's all PvP is now, because actual deathmatches are ghost towns.


I used to do a lot of freeroam PvP when I played with friends and it's not fun to go after people who won't fight back or are busy doing anything else. If I want to fight other people I prefer Adversary Modes or proper DMs, but you'll fight mostly casual players since all the broomstick kids are pussies who wouldn't even dare to consider fighting anyone on foot. I really don't give a sh*t about what you prefer, but PvP offers nothing now, and the sooner you all admit you just like farming unaware targets instead of you own the sooner this will become a less toxic place.


You don't want to get outpussied, OP. No need to pretend.

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This you?





Now, stop pretending to try to "start a discussion" and f*ck off already. Your kind isn't welcomed here.

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Because a lot of us here are grinders and we worked hard in doing cargo, only for a lowlife like you to destroy them which takes no skill to do and you only get $2,000. I think your that bernie guy on Reddit who posts griefing threads on r/gtaonline and probably why the mods banned you there for such toxic posts of you destroying cargo of innocent hard working players. You truly have no skill if you go after grinders. But there's more, you also get butthurt when a random who's LESS than level 400 joins your heist so you kick them even if they have plenty of experience. I get why people kick randoms out of heist from forgetting to close matchmaking so they can play with their friends or sub level 50s but kicking an experienced level 350 when you looking for randoms to do heists with means there's something wrong with you.


Stop evading thread locks and get outta here.

Edited by xInfected_Virus
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There's the ones who work hard for their earnings, and then there's the lazy f*cks who ruin a good experience for everyone else.

Isn't it obvious at this point? We could all feed the fire under you with a lil' bit of gas to lighten the day.

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The real question is why do you continue making these sh*tty threads? You got warned and given the benefits of doubts last time, enjoy your ban 🤣

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You probably should get an IP ban in this forums since you were given the benefit of the doubt and you'll just make another account and post more cancerous threads like this.

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