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The Eric Andre show


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It's about time we got an Eric Andre thread. Been a fan for years now. I even got a Bird Up t-shirt as a gift back in 2016. I haven't worn it out enough for anyone to recognise it but it's a nice "obscure" t-shirt reference. 


I haven't watched him much for the last couple of years so I probably have 2 or 3 seasons to catch up on. Also, his film was due to release then Covid hit. Anyone know whats up with that? 

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Naughtius Maximus

I've discovered Eric Andre just recently (I knew about him, but I hadn't dug up his show) and I can say that this show is the only talk show that matters. Otherwise it's the same format, different faces elsewhere. He feels unique and distinctive in what he does. He is one of the top current pioneers of shock humor on TV, in my opinion.


His trolling of Jimmy Kimmel was top-notch and hit the nail on the head.


Steve-O and Eric Andre were such a fitting match LOL.


During the interview with Carmen Electra, it's Hannibal who stole the show. And I like how a creepy Andre bugs Carmen for her address.


And I don't know who this chick is, but she's such a lovely guest...


Edited by Naughtius Maximus
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The Time Ranger
15 hours ago, Zello said:


Truly a classic

This is my first time watching Eric Andre, didn't know what to expect, that Demi Lovato interview was some funny sh1t, she had no idea what was going on.

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4 hours ago, RenegadeAngel said:

His street pranks are out of this world. He's the best to ever do it. I'm so sorry for people that had to be victims of his craft, though. If I was one of the witnesses of the Fruit Loops prank, I'd probably become a regular at my local shrink's office, suicidal and addicted to tranquilizers. 


This would be terrifying 

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Daddy needs his juice!



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I'm really enjoying Season 5 so far although I really miss Hannibal's interjections during the interviews and his banter with Eric.


Let's not forget this:



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I've been following this show for a couple of years now, a couple of buddies at work talk about this show constantly so I've seen a good amount of episodes. I've been watching the newest season as the episodes come out on AS.







I can't imagine just seeing something like this in person and not knowing it's a prank, I'd probably be drowning in my own shock.

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Mister Pink

Slightly off-topic but Bad Trip is hilarious. 



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