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Run For Your Life Series


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Run For Your Life 1

The Mission Was Impossible 

no one could Finish it

it was only 2 Waves

Wave 1 Was Awesome & Wave 2 Was Impossible 

Wave 1: you have to run before bombs kill you (Wave 1 Complete)

Wave 2 : Just A Parkour 


Run For Your Life 2


This Time I made something different 

i wasn't want make this series bad and Impossible

so i made 5 Missions About Run For Your Life 2

and they are


Run For Your Life 2 (Fun,Easy,Normal,Hard,Insane Mode)


Fun Mode


it was have 2 Waves 


Wave 1: Go to Checkpoint before the place locked and bombs kill you


Wave 2: kill The Enemy Then Jump with parachute 



Easy Mode


it was Have 2 Waves


Wave 1: a simple parkour


Wave 2: Go to checkpoint with car before the time runs out



Normal Mode


it was have 2 Waves


Wave 1: Parkour but a bit harder


Wave 2: Kill The Enemy



Hard Mode


you have Wave 1 This Time 


Wave 1: Find The Checkpoint



Insane Mode


Wave 1 Only


Wave 1: Escape from the rocket launcher & Take The Rocket Launcher Then Kill Them


Run For Your Life 3 


Easy Mode


2 Waves


Wave 1: You are in The Highest Tower in Los Santos and you have to find a way to get down & the exit is locked 


Wave 2: the same thing but a little bit different 



Normal Mode


2 Waves 


Wave 1: you have to kill the Miniguns and Rocket Luancher


Wave 2: you have to go to your school before time run out (you have only 1:00 minutes) 


Hard Mode


Wave 1 Only


Wave 1: Find The Checkpoint Then go to next checkpoint after you go to the checkpoint you will trapped and you have to photo the object to free


Impossible Mode


2 Waves


Wave 1: Kill the enemy


Wave 2: Very Hard Parkour (Looks like Run for Your Life 1)


Download Run For Your Life Series!


Run For Your Life 1


Run For Your Life 2


Run For Your Life 3









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