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The Horror Forest


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The Horror Forest



Talks about Alma Story 

markus Goes To Tony to make him go to The Mountain

And Then Tony Agree to go and he go to mountain in 12:00 AM



The Horror has Begin Now

Markus Tell Tony To Get some wood

when Tony walking around to find small Tree

He Found  ALMA Then Run As Fun he can

To Tell His Friend But Alma Caught him 

after that Tony wake up then see her again

Then She laugh then Teleport in front of Tony

And He Runs until He Lose Her and he gets

Back to His Friends and found them all Dead

The Alma Stand Behind Tony Then Tony Come To her

And Say '' What You Want From Me ?...Answer Me

Then Alma Answer and Say ''I just want to kill you''


After Alma Told Tony that she wants to kill him she was going to attack him 

but Tony Was Lucky He Find Friend Names ? and Shoot Alma By Sniper

 After He Shoot her Alma Disappeared then ? Tell Tony To Get out of This mountain

After They Go To The Highest place on The Mountain And ? Tell Him To jump With Parachute

Then Alma Showed Behind ? and ? Tell Tony Again To Jump Then Tony Run As Fast He Can then Jump With parachute

Then Alma Kills ?

After 2 Days

Tony Sleeps and it seems like something it's going on that's what are we going to see in Ep.4



Tony Woke up in a bed in desert and hear a explosion then finds door then get to the sky the ALMA showed him (she was far away from him)

And Then She Said ''Why you seem so scared ? all i want is play with you''

and said ''Let's Play Hide And Seek. you hide and i catch you''

And Said ''You Are Gonna Die''

Then ALMA Disappears

There was a lot of doors then Tony Finds The Right Door Then Teleport to another somewhere in the sky

then he walk then ALMA Showed behind him and controls Tony Then She Said ''it's Over Tony''

Tony Was Walk To Get fall but at the last moment he controls himself then ALMA Start Getting Mad

Then Tony Run And While He Running one of the Floor Disappears Then Tony Falls 

see you in Final Ep


Ep.5 (Final)


Tony Wakes up in the forest in front of the House then he find Normal Alma Was there Then Disappear 

Then Alma Showed Behind him then she said ''catch me if you can''

then Tony go to Highest Place in the mountain then he finds her then she Disappear Again & Again & Again until Alma Give up & she said ''you..you remember me about my parents''

Then Tony said ''What ?''

Then Alma Said ''If you don't understand then wake up & and get back to the forest And you will know. Wake Up Tony. Wake Up''

Then Tony Wake up 

And Return To The Forest  And he knows Alma's Story


Alma's Story


Alma was have no parents and her brothers protected her until the moment comes that she was alone

she was scared from every human attack her house

indeed, Two Human Comes & kill Alma

and that's why she kill every human who comes here 


Continue The Story


After Alma told Tony About Her Story

Then She Said ''You better go home. i don't want hurt you''

then she disappear And Tony Decide To Leave & Alma Decide To die & End this & Go See her parents Again


The End


Download The Horror Forest Now!
















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